Friday, September 18, 2009

Vampire Diaries s1.2

Vampire Diaries
Episode 2
The Night of the Comet
Thursday nights on CW

-my weekly segment for my Vampire Diaries Challenge and Helluva Halloween

Synopsis from TV Guide:
Vicki recovers in the hospital from an attack and begins to remember what happened, but Stefan tries to prevent her from recalling what actually occurred. Meanwhile, Elena meets Damon, who reveals to her some surprising secrets about Stefan's past; and Jeremy struggles with his feelings for Vicki.

My thoughts:

We had a conversation. It was epic.

I must say, I like how the guys vamp-out. The make-up job seems just right and the brief glimpses are effective in spooking me.

I'm so curious to know what is driving Damon. Why does he do what he does? Looking forward to watching his storyline unfold.

The only thing that bugged me is that the kiss was too early. The second episode of the show is way too early. I like a romance that is drawn out a little more. However, I'm still hooked enough to tune in next week.

Still have to read my copy of book 1 - The Awakening.

Are you watching this show? and what did you think?


  1. Sadly, I was unable to watch the episode last night because of work. The Awakening has been my nightstand book for the past week. Need to start catching up already, and it's only been the second episode....eeek! Sad that a kiss came so soon...darn.

  2. I love this show. I'm seriously a sucker ( no pun intended) for anything dealing with vampires.

  3. I read the first two books, and watched the 1st episode of the TV show, and I agree with you in saying they're moving too quickly through things that need to unravel themselves with more mystery and passion.
    I am a Fanpire too, and I'll be watching this, and see if I like it or not.

  4. Eh I'm not crazy about the show, but it's growing on me. I go goo ga ga for Stephen, he's so sexy...and damien isn't bad he's such an ass so they cast well lol...also Elena is very pretty but not blond! I don't think I'll ever get over the changes from the book..

  5. I just finished the first book- The Awakening although both book one and book 2 are combined in the version I have. I liked the book quite a bit.

    I know what you are saying about the kiss. Too early and too rushed. Some more forbidden desire would not have gone amiss.

    I said in my review, I thought the makeup and special effects were perfect. Not cheesy at all.

    Here is my review....someone is going to have to teach me how to do the cool link in a post.

    For some reason I can't commen using my wordpress open id. It says my OpenId Credentials can not be verified. Weird

  6. Hi Velvet. I am watching and I like it more and more with each episode. The characters are growing on me. I really don't like Damon, he acts too pretty or something. I opted not to read the series, I have heard it deviates quite a bit.

  7. I haven't read the books but I really enjoy watching the show :-) I got spooked more than once, I'm the kind of silly girl who has to turn the volume down low when it gets a little scary *blush*

  8. I don't know if I should read the book first or just watch the series then read the books. LOL. But the cast looks great!


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