Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mad Men s3.4

Mad Men Season 3, Episode 4
The Arrangements
Sunday night on AMC

Episode Synopsis from TV Guide:
Don crosses paths with his father-in-law (Ryan Cutrona); Peggy searches for a new roommate; and a new client with money to throw around is very excited about doing business with the firm.

My thoughts:
-my weekly segment
-for a great recap go to What's Alan Watching?

There is so much going on in the show on so many different levels and layers and overall. I've decided that I'm going to post my brief thoughts on the women of the show. 

Betty - Scarlett O'Hara attitude towards mention of funeral arrangements, she remains icy

Sally - driving? whaaaa? 

Peggy - now one of "those girls" who likes to have fun

Karen - new roomie for Peggy who also like to have "fun"

Kitty - doesn't need that much but needs some tending to, poor thing saw a flicker of something off with Sal after his Patio commercial performance

Joan - so sweet to continue to coach Peggy, loved her roommate advertisement tips

Blogosphere tidbit:
Vanity Fair's September 2009 issue has a huge Mad Men related article, Don and Betty’s Paradise Lost by Bruce Handy. Go and read it while it's available. There are beautiful glamour shots like the one above, even a couple with John Hamm (ahem) shirtless. ;-D

But while the show, like its subject, has many surface pleasures—period design, period bad behavior (if you like high modernism, narrow lapels, bullet bras, smoking, heavy drinking at lunch, good hotel sex, and bad office sex, this is the series for you)—at its core Mad Men is a moving and sometimes profound meditation on the deceptive allure of surface, and on the deeper mysteries of identity. The dialogue is almost invariably witty, but the silences, of which there are many, speak loudest: Mad Men is a series in which an episode’s most memorable scene can be a single shot of a woman at the end of her day, rubbing the sore shoulder where a bra strap has been digging in. There’s really nothing else like it on television.

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