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Zombie Blondes by Brian James

Zombie Blondes
by Brian James

Published: 2008
Genre: Zombies
Hardback: 232 pages
Rating: 4

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August 29 - September 6, 2009
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Description from
It's not easy moving every few months, but after six years, there are some constants upon which 15-year-old Hannah can rely. The small-town cops will always uncover her father's past, the creditors will find them eventually, and the popular girls are always easy to spot. She knows the type: blond, pretty, athletic—the cheerleaders. Maplecrest is no different. They sit at a central table in the lunchroom, so alike they resemble clones. There is something almost inhuman about them, but that doesn't mean Hannah is willing to believe her new lunch-table friend, Lukas, when he says they're zombies. Nor is she willing to pass up the chance to join the cheerleading squad when asked, even as classmates are disappearing and the number of empty houses in town increases. James has created a believable novel about starting over, making friends, bullying, and ostracism, while adding a dash of the supernatural.

Zombification: diseased blood

Zombie mode: high-functioning

My thoughts:
In-a-word(s): Death Squad

This zombie tale is not gory. Its zombies have an interesting facade. They are not raggedy, bloody, fleshy or gross-looking. Instead, they are perfection - almost vampire-like with their glamour. Beautiful zombies. This portrayal of zombies is what I liked about the book. They didn't just shuffle forward arms outstretched moaning for fresh meat. These zombies had some working brains to plan out their survival in a small town.

Favorite quote:

You're the one using a stupid horror comic as our survival guide. -Hannah (page 215)

Blogosphere bit:

Brian James on Zombie Blondes 10.14.09

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In the story, the cheerleaders who become zombified have to re-name themselves and pick out a name starting with the letter "M". What name would you choose?

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