Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zombie Haiku vote

What does this bento box picture from Graasland have to do with zombie week?

Not much, other than I thought it would be a good way to segue into haiku because of that Japanese connection. Plus, this bento box looks really yummy and I gotta figure out how to make these for healthier lunches. Can't have brainssss all the time (ahem).

OK, back to business. I've received some awesome zombie haiku entries for the Zombie Haiku giveaway and wanted to put some of them to a vote.

Please read these fun creations and take the time to vote on your favorite one using the poll in the sidebar.

Happy haiku reading!

True Love (zombie style)
He shambles slowly
toward the newest food source.
She screams and she dies.

As in Life
In death, as in life,
His feelings towards me were warm
and his lips were cool

Always I crave you
Eternally in anguish
I devour my love

Are you ready for
the zombie apocalypse?
Please check yes or no.

A balletic lurch
Towards human flesh will quell
The hunger for brains.

Gen Y warns about
The zombie apocalypse
But no one listens.

rotting, putrid flesh
flaking off in pale strips
what a tasty snack

Warm brains mist rising
I sit and eat without joy
The worms ate my tongue

Hard-shell resistance
Then, pop! Strong, dead flesh extracts
Brains, like soft-boiled egg

I run away from
undead monsters intent on
eating brain. No thanks.

An undead person
shuffling around the house
make him go away

Slowly shambling
Zombie horde in the moonlight
Seeking human brains

These two entries exceed expectations by being more than one:

I have tried in vain;
This craving I can't refuse.
Now I want your brains

Halting and jerking,
I take my place by your side.
Your smooth flesh beckons.

The contrast excites
I moan as your red, red life
drips on my gray flesh.

Your scent fills the air
Bittersweet like rust and salt;
Rings my dinner bell.

Zombies awake!
Let us go up, for fresh brains
and earth await!

Am I a zombie?
See my soul within! Awake!
And be a zombie no more.

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Images from: Lovelytocu