Saturday, February 13, 2010

Steamed by Katie MacAlister

by Katie MacAlister

Published: 2010
Genre: Romance, Steampunk
Rating: 4

Description from the amazon:
Katie MacAlister takes on Steampunk-and romance gets hotter than ever...

When one of Jack Fletcher's nanoelectromechanical system experiments is jostled in his lab, the resulting explosion sends him into the world of his favorite novel-a seemingly Victorian-era world of steampower, aether guns, corsets, and goggles. A world where the lovely and intrepid Octavia Pye captains her airship straight into his heart...

My two bits:
In-a-word: fond

Lots-o-lovin' happening here. Unlike romances where tension builds before the two main characters connect, this couple are well aware of their feelings and don't waste precious time. So the dialog between the two is open and carefree.

Fun reading for a newbie steampunker like me! Elements of past, present and alternate worlds mesh well. Amongst the love scenes, there are adventures to be had with battle scenes and rescue mission.

And goggles? yessssss!

However, there's still the mystery of Mr Llama to unravel. Book 2 must be in the works???

Amusing quote:
So after I took a firm stand with Tavy and told her no, she couldn't turn into a steampunk version of Blackbeard, she demanded to know just how we were going to get Hallie free if she couldn't bathe the decks in blood."
-Jack (ARC page 229)

Jane Austen sighting:
I get bored at Jane Austen movies...
-Jack (ARC page 213)

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