Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interviewer Extraordinaire award

Interviewer Extraordinaire award
Thanks to Charlotte of The Book on the Hill

This was awarded for my participation in the interview with Mr Illustrator (aka Mr i) of The Book on the Hill.

Mr i does the fabtastic sketches on The Book on The Hill's book reviews which are always amusing and fun!

You can see some of his works on guest posts by The Book on The Hill during last year's Pemberley Ball. He did a swoon-worthy Mr Darcy.

And, you will be treated to more sketches during the upcoming Mr Knightley's Picnic event, Feb 25-26.

Also, some sketches will appear during Alice in Whatsitland, Mar 7-14 (details still to come).

Do go see more of his sketches at his interview post here. There are some cute Charlotte-isms and you'll be treated to a laugh or two ;-D

Mr i's preferred hair style without consequence:

excerpt from interview - my question:

vvb: Would you be willing to do illustrations of vampires, zombies, paranormal creatures, etc. ? How about science fiction genre related items ?

Mr i: Why not ? I draw mainly for fun, but I would be thrilled to illustrate covers or other people’s works. I’m a huge SF fan, so I would love that !

*vvb note to self: ask The Book on the Hill and Mr i to guest post during zombie week

* part of my February awards

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Images from: Lovelytocu