Friday, February 26, 2010

A Tale of Two Matchmakers - pt 1

They had just packed away the strawberry tartlets when Emma Woodhouse saw that garish Mrs. Elton headed her way, no doubt intending to jabber more about someone’s excessively decorated barouche or the earthly utopia that was her beloved Maple Grove. Emma grimaced. Thankfully, Harriet—darling Harriet!—intercepted the woman, but Emma suspected the dear girl wouldn’t be able to hold her off for long.

With a sense of urgency, Emma glanced around for both an escape route and, if possible, the opportunity to push Harriet more directly into the path of Mr. Frank Churchill. Later, perhaps, in appreciation for Harriet’s sacrifice now, she could finally succeed in that task. Harriet and Mr. Churchill would suit perfectly. (Emma just knew it!) They just needed a little…nudge.

However, neither of these objectives seemed attainable at the moment, as Mr. Knightley had been keeping a rather watchful eye on her all afternoon. What an irritating gentleman he could be! Always parading his civility about like some other man would display a showy riding horse or a fancy waistcoat, and his relentless firmness with her was almost as tiresome as one of Miss Bates’s speeches.

But, oh, look!

Mrs. Elton had managed to snag Mr. Knightley as well as poor Harriet into her discussion. Emma took a quick breath. Still, as unfortunate as that was for her dear friend and her scolding neighbor, she knew a good opportunity when she saw one.

to be continued


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*guest post from Marilyn Brant, author of According to Jane

* image source Mr Knightley and Harriet - Emma BBC 1996

* part of Mr Knightley's Picnic

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