Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mieradome by Kate Hegarty giveaway

by Kate Hegarty

Description from author site:
Mieradome, revolves around a young girl named Amavia, who believes she is a human girl, but slowly comes to find she is a faery in the world of Mieradome.

Amavia's mother, Anastasica, had taken her out of the faery realm and hidden her away here in our human realm, so that she may be protected from her parents' past mistakes.

But that was not enough, the forces that be found Amavia, and brought her back into the cosmos of the Grandmother Tree. There she meets other faeries, goblins, Telkar dragons, and Utopisols.

Slowly who Amavia really was began to unravel to show the truth. The truth, that she just may be the evil they need to destroy.

* check out the Book Fashion Mieradome dress

*** Giveaway ***

Win this ebook or print (you pick).

Open to all.

Offer ends: March 27, 2010 - extended to April 11, 2010

To do:

Visit Kate's blog and leave her a comment below regarding any of her posts
and include your email.

Contest has ended - winner is here



* book giveaway prize
courtesy of author, Kate Hegarty
Thanks Kate!

* Please note: release date for ebook is March 2010 and for print is July 16, 2010

* part of Mr Knightley's Picnic


  1. Kate,

    The cover to Mieradome is beautiful. It's wonderful that you and your sister get to share this with one another!


  2. I agree. Mieradome's cover gives me a light and free feeling - maybe because of the cover color. The detail is simple but just perfect!

  3. It is an awesome looking cover. And I love the icons on her blog.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  4. Kate,
    I am so envious of the time you got to spend in Southern CA! I just moved from San Diego to North GA and ahhh, how I miss that weather and the sunshine! The picture you show just takes me back....I hope your photo shoot was a dream come true for you! I cannot wait to see the book trailer =]

  5. I visited Kate's site and the flowers are beautiful. I love to dig in my garden so I really appreciated the beautiful flowers.
    The cover of Mieradome is gorgeous. I would love to read Mieradome as it sounds like a great book.
    Thanks for the oopportunity to enter this giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  6. I just visited Kate's blog, and i love the pictures of those flowers. they are so clear !

    i love to read this book.

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  7. This sounds like a great book! Would you want it made into a movie?

    akaleistar (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. I love her posts about the Secret Language of Flowers.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  9. I really enjoyed the "What do you see" post.

    I will choose the print, ok?


  10. She really made me jealous with the John's Grill visit!
    I am a true Maltese Falconeer!

    educhico AT gmail DOT com

  11. Loved the post about the meaning of flowers colours. Very interesting.


  12. Oh, truly, those flowers are wonderful!

    joanapatriciadias AT gmail DOT com

  13. I was checking the comments here, and of course I went to check the flowers.
    They are wonderful in fact and I discovered so many things about their colors!
    I only knew the difference between red and white roses.

    agcestrela [@] gmail [.] com

  14. The paper birds are really cute!
    Great sucess with the book and all that comes with it!

    goncalo DOT mil AT gmail DOT com

  15. Just checked the teaser trailer and now I am in love with this book!


  16. Oh, I would love to read this!



  17. I loved the post about the language of flowers! My grandparents were florists, so while I know what kinds of flowers were typically used for which occasions, I don't know much about their secret language. This was an interesting post - and the pictures were beautiful!


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