Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr Knightley and the Fairies - pt 7

... With a silvery laugh and a rainbow ripple of wings, she was gone.

In some trepidation, Emma and I returned to the other guests. There was Mrs Elton, talking about riding a donkey instead of being one. Mr Elton was at her feet. And Jane Fairfax was singing in the sweetest, purest voice.

‘I have always been envious of Jane Fairfax,’ said Emma with a sigh. ‘But now, never again.’

A tiny voice whispered in my ear, ‘You have always wanted Emma to be more kindly disposed towards Jane Farifax, and when my friend granted Emma’s wish, I decided to granted yours as well. I know what you are thinking: that Emma’s newfound appreciation of Jane Fairfax is not the only thing you wished for. But give it time, Mr Knightley. One day soon you will find that all your wishes come true.’

All my wishes? Frank Churchill disgraced, Emma realising she does not love him and realising that she loves me? I am inclined to think it impossible, but then I remembered Mrs Elton with long, furry ears and I think there is perhaps some hope for me!

the end


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*guest post from Amanda Grange, author of Mr Knightley's Diary

* image source Emma and Mr Knightley

* part of Mr Knightley's Picnic

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