Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010

The games are on!

I don't know if I'll be able to focus on anything else for the next 2 weeks.

My faves:

Figure ice skating
Short track ice skating

Will you be watching?

And what are your faves?


  1. My fave is figure skating!! It's pretty much the only thing I watch from the winter olympics.

  2. I'm completely addicted to the Winter Olympics, and this time even more than ever ! The trouble is, It's night here in France when it's the beginning of the day in Vancouver. Which means I'm starting to go to sleep really really late (well, or early, since it's way past midnight) and if I keep on doing this I won't be alive in two weeks ! Either that or I'll be turning into a night owl.

    I love almost every sport, the only ones that I'm not fascinated about are luge and skeleton.

  3. Figure skating is so beautiful to watch!

    I'm going to watch:
    Ski jumping
    Skating(we have two local contestants participating in this Olympic)
    and last but not least biathlon

    Generally I enjoy watching winter sports, but most of all the sports where the Norwegians have a chance to get a medal.

  4. I always start out watching only figure skating, then I get really into snowboarding and the skeleton.

  5. I love the winter olympics, too bad all the events mostly come during the night time here in Finland. But it does not matter, I will just sleep a little less for a while. :)

    I simply love Ski Jumping, that is like my favorite sport ever! I cheer up for Austria's Gregor Schlierenzauer since he is very talented and seems to be a very kind and intelligent type of person. Finnish ski jumpers are also pretty good. I also love hockey, I hope that Finnish team has a change this year!

  6. Figure skating and whatever else I have time to watch :)

  7. OH, I will be watching a lot!! Most important of all: men's HOCKEY tournament! I've been waiting for this tournament since the last Olympics, and it's finally here! :D :D (Can you tell I'm excited?)

    I will also be watching biathlon, and other skiing, as well as some figure skating & curling :)

  8. I love figure skating, of course, but I also love hockey and biathlon.


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