Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Most Amazing Follower award

Most Amazing Follower award
Thanks to Emma of Emma Michaels
Thanks to Heather of Gofita's Pages - 3.31.10

Emma created this beautiful award for her followers this year.

Because I think this award rocksssss and because I want to thank my followers for following me, I will attempt to contact my 246+ followers listed on my sidebar to share this award throughout the year.

If my followers so choose, they can pass it on too. Just make sure to add this footnote with link on your blog post:

please note: award was created by Emma Michaels

While you're here check out and enter my various giveaways on the sidebar!

This task may take a couple months to accomplish, but all my followers to date should appear when I'm done.

OK, I'm gonna keep track here:
(those without links are without blogs)

done so far = 148


1inseveralbillion of Books A La Carte

Adriana of Loves to Read

Alex of Tales of a Teenage Book Lover

Alexa Adams of First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice

Allesandra of Out of the Blue

Amanda Leigh of Not Really Southern Vamp Chick

Amandawk of Tales and Treats

Amy C of Romance Book Wyrm

Angela of Library Girl Reads

Angelique of Vampires and Tofu

Anna of Good Gone Girl

Aye.Me? of Reversing the Monotony

B.A.M. Book Reviews

bacarleton of Brooke Reviews

Bahnree of I am, therefore I write.

Bekah of Bekah's Bytes

Beleth of Book eater

BleuMoon of The Witch Way to Craft

Bohemianbluez of Bohemian Sings The Bluez

bookaholic of Bookaholics Oye!!

Briana of The Book Pixie

Brizmus at Brizmus Blogs Books


Bunny B

Carrie of In The Hammock

Cariitoo of A Whole Book World

Casey of The Bookish Type

Celia of adventures of cecelia bedelia

Charlotte and Mr. Illustrator of The Book On The Hill

Chasity of Lovin & Livin Life in the 808

Cheryl of The Books I Read

Cherry of Cherry Mischevious

Christa of Words Roll Ever On and On

Colette of A Buckeye Girl Reads

Dannie of Opinionated? Me?

Dawn of Dawn Hullender's Southern Musings

Dazzling Mage of A Reading Kabocha

Debbie of Debbie's Book Bag

Debbie of twoofakind12

Donna aka donna.locklin

donnas of Donna's Blog Home


Elaine on Canada

Elie of Ellz Readz


Elise of Bookish Delights

Elise of Reading Rocks

Elizabeth of Swords for Fighting

Ella Press of The Clock Monkey

Emily Rose of Roses for Alice

Emmagan of sugar lover book Reviews

Erin of Bookish in a Box

Faye of Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm

Felicia the Geeky Blogger

Freda of Freda's Voice

Giada Mariani


Hannah Suh of Book Wonderland

Heather of Gofita's Pages



icitea of Tea

iz4blue of Whatelswhoels


Jen aka echs2007

Jessy in PA

Jo of Fluidity of Time

Joanna of Pinkangel Reader


J.T. of Bibliofreakblog

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com

Julie of Velvet-Rose



Kals of At Pemberley

Karissa of Karissa's Reading Review

Katelyn of The Bookshelf Sophisticate

Kaya of Sunshine and Stardust

Kelsey of The Door to Wonderland

Kim of Queen Bee fka Chapter Chit Chat

Kimberly of Kimberly's Bookshelf

Kris of Voracious YAppetite

Kris Cruz

Kristen of Bookworming in the 21st Century

Ky of Can't Find a Bookmark

Laura of Laura's Reviews

Ladystorm of Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!

L.H. Parker of Travails of a Budding Author

Linda H

Lizzy of Cornucopia of Reviews

Makara of Jaleesa

Mandy of Mandy Can Read

Margaret B of The French Bear


Maria of Maria the Bookworm

Mary Ann of Mary Ann DeBorde Writes

mbreakfield of Book Lover and Procrastinator

Melissa of Must Read Faster

Meredith of Austenesque Reviews

Michelle of See Michelle Read

Michelle of The True Book Addict

Midnight Cowgirl of The Fashion Planner

Mindi Scott

misskallie2000 of Books, books and more books

Missy of Missy's Reads & Reviews

Misty of Book Rat

Nastassia of Jamaica

Nina of J'adore Happy Endings

ninefly of story on a page

Nisa of Wordplay, Swordplay

Niurka of Niurkas Corner

Okapi of The Smarty Owl

Patty of Books And Thoughts And Adventures...Oh My!!!

pixie13 of Just Random Stuff

Polish Outlander

Precious of Fragments of Life

Rabid Fox of Wag the Fox

Rachel of Books Are A Garden

Rachel of ParaJunkee's View

Rae of Rae Reads

Raelena of Throuthehaze Reads

Raíla of Books Out of the Bookshelves

Reena of Reena Jacobs

Rhianna of RhiReading

Rhiannon Hart

Ryan G of Wordsmithsonia

Sara of YA Vampire Books

Sarah E in CA

Sassy C

Shana of Kreating Insecurities

Sharli of Entre Libros

Sheila at the Quintessential Magpie

SinN of † Everyone loves a SiNner †

Spav of Fiction Kingdom

Stacy of A Novel Source

Stella of Ex Libris

Stephanie of Skk25

StephMartin of Luv Series Books

Sullivan McPig of Pearls Cast Before a McPig

Terra of Terra on the Bookshelf

Theresa M in PA

Tina of Book Couture

Titania86 on Fishmuffins of Doom

Trisha of MarySew

Tumbleweed Trails

Violet of Mr Bennet's Library

Zombie Girrrl of Crackin' Spines & Takin' Names


if you don't see yourself, no worries, i'm still chugging through the list...

* started as part of
my February awards


  1. Yeah! Thank you! You're such a sweetie. I will attempt to make my own book cover dress here soon! And let you know how it goes!

  2. Congrats on the award!! Thank you so much for passing it on to me :) I really appreciate it!!

  3. Freaking Awesome!!!=) Love it and love your blog!!!=) Mahalo nui!!

  4. Wow, congrats on the award! What a wonderfully creative idea for an award. LOL, good luck with contacting all of your followers! Thanks for passing it on to me. :D

  5. thank you for this awesome award! I'll be posting it on my blog soon =)

  6. Aww, Thank you so much! I feel honored! :D

  7. Thank you so very much for the award and congratulations on your award too! I truly appreciate the thought!!!

  8. I'm going to try to stay caught up on my blogging...no promises though, lol...thank you for the lovely award! You are a very new blog for me and I thank you very much for visiting my place! :)

  9. Awww, thankee for the award Velvet!

  10. You are so awesome-Thanks for giving this out to all of us!

  11. Thank you! Happy to get the award. :)

  12. Wow, thank you!
    It sure is going to take you a while xD

    Hurrah, new blogs to check out ~

  13. Thank you so much for the award! :)

  14. Ha! You're going to be busy for a little while...

  15. aww.. YAY. Love this award, it pretty-ful lol :D

    Thank u <3!

  16. Thanks! You are an amazing follower, too!

  17. What a nice thing to do. Thank you for your rockin' blog! I love all these different award pictures. (Queen Bee)

  18. Lady Vee,
    we (Mr. B., P&P and I) are flabbergasted (and we are even *Ü* almost fainting when thinking of all your blogging energy that we're not able to keep up with).
    Thanks for thinking of us and I hope you'll have fun with all the visits and adventures ahead, but we are not take-ing this one home with us).
    (we are followers in our own way not via Google)

  19. Thanks so much! :)
    You are definitely being busy!!!

  20. Thanks so much for the awesome award!!! You are the best!!!!
    Congrats to the others named.

    Happy Easter everyone!!!

    Some bunny loves you! ;-)

  21. That's so nice of you! Thank you!

  22. Thank you for the great award! It is rather lovely.

  23. Thank you so much for the Award! I shall display it most proudly on my blog :-)

  24. What a beautiful award! Thank you so much! :)

  25. Thanks for Emma's amazing award, velvet! :)

  26. Oh goodness! Thanks Velvet! I am sooooo behind in my awards postings. I have them sitting as drafts and haven't finished them. I'll be sure to include this one! We are some lucky followers :)

  27. This should take you awhile. LOL. Thanks so much!

  28. Thank you so much. It makes me feel so good to get this award!

  29. Awwwww, thank you!!!! It's so nice of you!

  30. Thank you so much Velvet. I've proudly displayed in on my blog award page and will be passing it on soon!

    Thanks for following my blog too!

  31. Thanks for such a cool award!!!

  32. Aww, thanks!I love following you! :-)

  33. Thanks! You're an amazing person to share this with all your followers like this!

  34. Aww, you're so sweet!
    Thank you so much :D

  35. Wow, this is so sweet! Thank you SOOOO much!!!! That's a great list of bloggers :)

  36. Aww! This is such a sweet idea! Thank you! =)

  37. Thanks so much for the award, Velvet! And thanks for stopping by my blog and following.


  38. Thank you so much!!!

  39. What? You're fantastic! Brilliant! And so gracious :)

  40. I think that's pretty awesome that you're going around and thanking all your followers.

  41. Wauw!Thank you sooo much! Just saw your comment on my barely-hardly-there-can't-even-call-it blog! Hehe

  42. Why thank you! I love following your blog, although I don't comment very much (bad Bahnree! Bad!).

  43. Aww thanks for taking the time to thank ur followers :)

  44. Thanks for the award! Very sweet of you :-) Love your blog, thanks for all of the time you put into it!

  45. Thak you so much!! I was not aware of this until today, but I am really happy. Keep up your great work. I love this blog!


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