Saturday, February 27, 2010

Werewolf Sense-icles

LH of Travails of a Budding Author has compiled some Werewolf Sense-icles.

Just the right thing for Emma and Mr Knightley to peruse.


Werewolf Common Sense 1
Basic werewolf instinct dictates that our furry friends remain close to unsupervised prey.

Given their inability to ensnare through flattery or exceptional dress, the werewolves have adapted their feeding grounds near college campuses. The better to snag unsuspecting drunken college students in the wee hours of the night...

Werewolf Common Sense 2
A werewolf's physique is built for strength and speed. Though werewolves work hard at keeping such uncanny attributes hidden, accidents do happen.

Careful monitoring is necessary when dealing with their feeble human counterparts.

Werewolf Common Sense 3
The average werewolf's lifespan is 32 years.

Consistent dominance struggles is a leading factor for such shortened lives. It is argued that the werewolf's expectancy to die young results in reckless behavior–a self-fulling prophecy, if you will.

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* part of Mr Knightley's Picnic

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