Friday, February 26, 2010

George Knightley

Per wikipedia:
George Knightley is a main character in Jane Austen's novel Emma written in 1816. He is a friend of Emma's, although the disparity in age is nearly seventeen years. He enjoys correcting Emma, as Emma observes in chapter 1.

Mr Knightley in the book - The wealthy Mr. Knightley is a very kind and compassionate person. He represents good judgment, high moral character, and maturity in contrast to Emma's adolescent personality. One incident which displays this is his disappointment when he sees Emma insult Miss Bates, a spinster of modest means. Mr. Knightley's later reprimand of Emma also demonstrates his affection and esteem for her as a friend. Another incident which shows his quality is his anger with Emma for persuading Harriet Smith to refuse Robert Martin's proposal of marriage, Martin being in Knightley's eyes an eminently suitable mate for Harriet.

Mr Knightley in film:

1948 - Ralph Michael

1972 - John Carson (tv serial)

1995 - Paul Rudd (YA version - Clueless)

1996 - Jeremy Northam

1996 - Mark Strong (British version)

2009 - Jonny Lee Miller (BBC tv serial)

2010 - Abhay Deol (Bollywood version)

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