Wednesday, February 17, 2010


An intro to Curling...

The Curling Song by Bowser and Blue:

hero who can currrl always gets the gurrrl ;-D

At this year's Olympics instead of the traditional somber wear, Norway's curling team are making a scene with their argyle fancy pants!

Something to read...

The Roaring Game: A Sweeping Saga of Curling
by Doug Clark
Published: 2008

Description from the amazon:
In what sport can a player be deaf, blind, or semi-mobile? That's right, it's curling. Played on carefully prepared ice and involving sliding heavy, polished granite stones toward a target, curling has captivated audiences from its beginnings in medieval Scotland. This engaging book traces the sport's history and its enduring appeal, the highlights and lowlights, the superstars and eccentrics. Author Doug Clark covers every inch of curling, from Olympic near-scandals and lampooning by late-night talk hosts to tragedies like the death of nine players in the Windsor tornado.

*image of Norway team

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