Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mr Knightley and the Fairies - pt 2

...She stopped suddenly, and gave a mischievous smile.

‘Yes?’ I prompted her.

But she would not tell me what she wished, and said, ‘Let us walk awhile.’

I offered her my arm, and together we strolled between the strawberry beds, enjoying the fine weather. She bent to pick one of the ripe, red fruits and suddenly she let out an exclamation of pity.

‘Oh, poor butterfly, it has caught one of its wings on the straw.’ She bent closer and then said in astonishment, ‘No, not a butterfly. It’s a fairy!’

I smiled at her joke, and bent down to humour her, but there amidst my strawberries I saw a tiny creature. It was very beautiful, with a spider silk gown, golden hair and a pair of gossamer wings. Next to it was another similar being, trying, without success, to set it free.

‘You poor thing,’ said Emma, and with great delicacy she untangled the creature, to the delight of both the fairies.

But alas! A part of the wing remained caught in the straw. I managed to free it, and held out the tiny spot of iridescence, which shimmered on my finger.

‘I do not need it. My torn wing will mend,’ said the fairy, in a bell-like voice. She shook herself. ‘Oh, I am so glad to be free.’ She turned to Emma. ‘As a reward, I will grant your wish.’

And with that, she flew from the ground.

‘You haven’t heard my wish yet!’ said Emma, as the fairy prepared to depart.

‘Oh, yes, I heard it. Your thoughts preceded you,’ said the fairy, and she and her friend danced in the air like dust motes, before flying away.
Emma and I exchanged glances.

‘Did that really happen?’ she asked.

to be continued


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*guest post from Amanda Grange, author of Mr Knightley's Diary

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