Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mr Knightley and the Fairies - pt 4

... ‘Mr Elton, hush, you are a married man!’ said Harriet, blushing.

‘I must have been mad to marry her,’ said Mr Elton, looking at his wife. ‘I never loved her. I married her only because I thought I had no hope of you, Harriet. Miss Woodhouse was right, I was in love with you all the time. I thought you stayed away from the Christmas party in order to avoid me, because you had noticed my admiration and did not feel able to return it. I tried to cover my wounded feelings by proposing to Miss Woodhouse in the carriage, knowing she would refuse me, and then I left Highbury in an effort to heal my wounded pride. I met Augusta soon afterwards and she dazzled me with her tales of Mr Suckling and Maple Grove. I proposed to her in a fit of madness, thinking I had no hope of you. But she is nothing beside you. You are so lovely, so beautiful, so perfect in every way. It is you I love, dear Harriet, it has always been you.’

‘What is that you are saying?’ brayed Mrs Elton, as she noticed that her husband had left her side.

I looked at her incredulously, for something was happening to her.

Then I looked at Emma, who had the grace to blush.

‘Emma, when you wished for Jane to be less beautiful and wished for Mr Elton to love Harriet, what else did you wish for?’

‘Nothing,’ she said, looking uncomfortable.

‘Mr E!’ called Mrs Elton.

‘Emma!’ I said in horror.

For there before me, Mrs Elton was changing. Her nose was becoming longer, and growing soft fur. She was sprouting long ears on the top of her head. Her eyes were becoming larger and her hands were turning into hooves.

‘Mr E!’ she called again. ‘Mr E-ore. Eeyore. Eeyore!’

‘Has something happened to Mrs Elton?’ whispered Mrs Weston in shocked tones.

to be continued


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*guest post from Amanda Grange, author of Mr Knightley's Diary

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