Friday, February 26, 2010

A Tale of Two Matchmakers - pt 6

... The fairy girl smiled at her and gave a small curtsy.

“Emma!” Mr. Knightly called, more insistently this time. “Miss Woodhouse, please show yourself!”

Emma rolled her eyes and grinned one last time at Sylvia. “Goodbye,” she told the fairy before racing out of the woods.

Sylvia could hear Emma replying to her Mr. Knightley with an edge of temper, “I am here, sir. There is no need to shout so. You will frighten the forest creatures.”

“What on earth were you doing walking around in the woods by yourself?” he demanded.

“Just taking a refreshing stroll to clear my head of all the dreary conversations,” Emma said. “Really, Mr. Knightley, you can hardly blame me.”

He huffed. “You are forgetting your responsibility here and your position amongst the guests.” He picked a few leaves off her dress and brushed away a twig that had lodged itself onto the top of her bonnet. “Really, Emma. Take more care next time.”

to be continued


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* guest post from Marilyn Brant, author of According to Jane

* image source of Mr Knightley

* part of Mr Knightley's Picnic

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