Friday, February 26, 2010

Custom Fairy created by svb

My Sweet Valentine Fairy
created by svb

*** Giveaway ***

Win a custom-made fairy of your own.

Open to all.

Offer ends: March 27, 2010

To do:

Comment below with your email and tell me what theme you want your fairy to be.

* svb = vvb's daughter

* part of Mr Knightley's Picnic


Contest has ended - winner is here



  1. So cute! I'd want a...*risks sounding like broken record*... could I say zombie themed fairy? because that'd be awesome!
    Do you suppose fairies could turn into zombies? That would be a pretty cool story!
    *said in Movie Anouncer Guy voice* Fairies, loved by one and all, welcomed in homes and gardens as omens of good furtune, *etc.*, but suddenly they turn on their admirerers! Swarms of green tinted, black clad, undead fairies converge on cities and wreak havoc!

    zombiegirrrl21 at aol

  2. this one is so cute... Hmmmm I would love a water or Ice themed fairy that I think would be beautiful.

    Thanks for the neat idea and giveaway svb!

  3. My fairy would be inspiring with pink frill. She would be innocent with a hint of flirt!

  4. Wow, this is cool! I would love to have a summer fairy since I can't wait for the summer. :)


  5. This is really cute! I would love a fairy that has a dark purple theme to it. =3

  6. Those fairies are so cool! I would love a fairy with a sort of dark/vampire theme to it. Kind of like a gothic fairy.

  7. That is sooo cute ! Your daughter is very talented !

    I would love a green/spring/vegetal fairy. I love green. And I miss the countryside. :)

  8. And I forgot to put my email...! So sorry !

  9. Ooh, the gothic vampire fairy idea sounds really nice!

  10. Ooo, cute giveaway!

    I'd have a pirate fairy, of course. Or perhaps a Clockwork Fairy. ... A clockwork fairy would be best.

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  11. As I am in the midst of opening an independent bookstore I would so very much love a book-themed fairy. One maybe with stars in her hair to represent the dreams that I've had for years and years and then books sewn into her skirt to show all the books I've read or collected in order to do this....

  12. How did I miss this until now? I would like a vampire themed fairy..not sure how that would work..maybe just a gothic fairy?


  13. Ooh, I do like the idea of Zombie Girrrl's Zombie fairy, but I am the book rat, after all. Mine should be book + rat inspired.
    This is too fun (and the rock and roll fairy, too. Is it a hobby? Are there lots of random fairies running around the house?)

  14. @ svb,
    ♥ Cute! ♥
    my fairy-dream-idea: a cross stitching (with a stitching basket)/stitched (wings/dress) fairy who lives amongst the pansies (viooltjes in Dutch) wich would be her dress/hat colours, with whiskers as a cat-faced-pansy and with little catlike ears...?

    @ Lady V.,
    (you've got my email)


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