Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lord Akeldama Character Study

Dandy News
a character study of Lord Akeldama
from Gail Carriger

Excerpt from Gail's site:

Original Notes:
Long Blond Hair
Effeminate/Pixie Features
Blue Eyes
Says "LA"
Definitely older than 400


Drones Include:
Viscount Trizdale (Tizzy)
Emmet Wilberforce Bootbottle-Fipps (Boots)


Words from Lord Akeldama...

"My darling Chamomile Button!" he wrote. "I received your card, and given certain recent intelligence, it has occurred to me that you may be in ever-increasing need of accommodation but were far too polite to request it openly. Let me tender my most humble offer, to the only person in all of England currently thought more outrageous than myself. You would be welcome to share my unworthy domicile and hospitality, such as they are. Yours, et cetera, Lord Akeldama."
~ from Blameless

Professor Lyall continued. "Lord Akeldama seemed the best solution."
Lord Maccon wrinkled his nose at that and huffed derisively.
Professor Lyall, Lord Akeldama, and Lady Maccon all pretended not to hear.
~ teaser from Heartless

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