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Lord Akeldama

Another Vampire Dandy

Lord Akeldama is a vampire that main character, Alexia, interacts with and befriends to help solve a mystery in Gail Carriger's first steampunk paranormal novel, Soulless. He is always dressed to the nines and in company of other dandified gentry known as his boys or other young bloods.


Dear Lord Akeldama excerpt: from Gail's site
Anonymous asks: Fear of being bitten by vampires (no offense) & werewolves. What weapons do you recommend while still remaining fashionable?

Lord Akeldama: I have it on good authority that hair sticks make wonderful defensive weapons. I myself enjoy the occasion cravat pin of consequence and appeal. Your best defense, however, is in the company you keep, surround yourself with exquisite objects and dazzling people and any attacker will be instantly distracted!

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Lord Akeldama
fan art by eeza
Sometimes, I REALLY miss the Rococo age.

Why the Rococo age?
Because, well... "It was such a glorious time to be alive, when men finally and truly got to wear sparkly things, and there was lace and velvet everywhere."

Meet Lord Akeldama, a vampire who doesn't sparkle, but would probably love to. And, yes, he will call you "darling". And "daffodil". And "fluffy cockatoo". -per eeza


Peek into Lord Akeldama's home (per Gail): more photos here


Interview with Lord Akeldama excerpt: from The Mad Hatter's Bookshelf and Book Review
MH: How do you view the Victorian era versus the other epoch’s you’ve lived through?

Lord Akeldama: Ah, sugar bell, I do find this era a little staid in the matter of color and shoe adornments, and of course I simply cannot and will not approve of the muttonchops. Not even slightly. But I shall admit that I do find some of the new brass accessories unexpectedly intriguing.
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Lord Akeldama appears in the Parasol Protectorate series...

series by Gail Carriger
btw: these are the gorgeous German covers



Sit down with a cuppa tea and scones and listen to a full cast production podcast of the first chapter of Soulless!
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Excerpt: Lord Akeldama in action
"Lucky?" Lord Akeldama fairly spat the word, jumping to his feet. "Lucky! To be cursed by the moon into a slathering beast? You would have done better to let him die. My poor boy." Lord Akeldama was not a big man, certainly not by werewolf standards, but he moved so quickly that he was around Professor Lyall's desk, slim hands about the werewolf's throat, faster than Lyall's eyes could follow. There was the anger Professor Lyall had been waiting for and, with it a degree of pain and hurt he would never have expected from a vampire. Perhaps he had pushed a little harder than was strictly necessary. Lyall sat still and passive under the choking hold. A vampire could probably rip a werewolf's head clean off, but Lord Akeldama was not the kind of man to such a thing, even in the heat of anger. He was too controlled by age and etiquette to make more than a show of it.
-Blameless by Gail Carriger, chapter 14, page 315

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