Monday, December 27, 2010

Giveaway: Dueling Novella Series Volume 1

Dueling Novella Series Volume 1:
Orpheus and the Pearl by Kim Paffenroth
and Nevermore by David Dunwoody

Descriptions from the publisher:

Orpheus and the Pearl
by Kim Paffenroth

In 1920 Massachusetts, Dr. Catherine MacGuire is mysteriously called to the home of the famous Dr. Wallston, to assist with some medical emergency that defies even his skill. The life-threatening problems she finds there have less to do with broken bodies than with warped souls, and it will take all her dedication as a healer to fix them.

by David Dunwoody

Malcolm Witt died in his sleep at 11:07 PM. Four minutes later, his body rose and walked from the room. Malcolm watched it happen. And so begins 48 hours of a life-after-death struggle to save his friends, forgive his love, and put himself to rest, body and soul.

Excerpts available.

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