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In Sickness by L.L. Soares and Laura Cooney

In Sickness
by L.L. Soares and Laura Cooney

Published: 2010
Publisher: Skullvines Press
Genre: Horror, Short Stories
Paperback: 196 pages
Rating: 4

Description from the publisher:
Plumbing the depths of Hell. Together.

Welcome to the dark worlds of Laura Cooney and L. L. Soares, two writers of dark fiction who also happen to be husband and wife. Let them be your guides for an excursion through the uncharted regions of the horrific and the surreal.

Here are just some of the strange sights you’ll see along the way:

• A ghost girl takes her living playmate on an eerie hunt for buried treasure.

• On Halloween night, a college student finds a little black dress that’s more than just a fashion accessory.

• A sasquatch hides in the rhododendrons, waiting for the woman he loves.

• A group of super-smart monkeys are in the mood to peel a meal, but it ain’t bananas they’re craving.

• A husband and wife, bound together in a web of tragic secrets, are haunted by strange, pig-faced children.

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): rapport
This is a cool collection of horror that was put together well. Loved how the stories all flowed through to the last story which ends with a bang.

Each story leaves you with a shiver or a squirm and thinking about relationships.


* review copy courtesy of publisher

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