Monday, December 27, 2010

Apple Head Dolly by Scott Nicholson

Appalachian Winter Hauntings:
Weird Tales from the Mountains
edited by Michael Knost and Mark Justice

Horror fans... Dont'cha just love that cover?

I haven't had a chance to procure this gem of a book yet, so you'll hear more about this book later.

But I when requested an excerpt, I managed to get a review copy of Scott Nicholson's short story piece instead. Awesome, eh!
Thanks Scott!

Apple Head Dolly
by Scott Nicholson
Genre: Holiday, Horror, Short Story
Rating: 5

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): shiver
The story starts out innocent enough. Kids and christmas. Oh what christmas can do to kids. eeek!


* image source apple head dolls


  1. That cover is ten kinds of awesome!!! Oooh, I love horror anthologies ... Apple Head Doll creeps me out just by the name alone ;D

  2. I do love that cover, and am curious about the short story too. I love horror in all its many forms.

  3. Heeh the cover is indeed scary!
    And I just finished a copy of "Head Cases" Mr Nicholson sent me and was very impressed!!!

    I will be reading this as well! :)


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