Thursday, December 30, 2010

Watch out: How to Be a Werewolf

How to Be a Werewolf:
The Claws-on Guide for the Modern Lycanthrope
by Serena Valentino
Release date: February 8, 2011

Description from the amazon:
Celebrate your inner beast —and harness that newfound animal magnetism! — with this essential guide to the lycanthropic lifestyle.

Are you subject to savage moods, extreme and unexplained buffness, and cravings for meat on the rare side? Do you long for super speed and reflexes, along with rapid healing and maybe a talent for telepathy? Welcome to the pack — and get ready to howl — as you sink your claws into this guide to everything life as a werewolf has to offer. Among its abundant fur-raising topics:

— A look at good, bad, and ugly transformation styles, including an
answer to the question of what happens to your clothes.

— A quiz to determine if you’re a menace to society, and tips on
taking precautions

— Planning your social schedule around the lunar calendar

— Dating hints, from the risks and rewards of cross-species romance to
avoiding your sweetheart’s family pet

— Killer fashion suggestions, from urban (leather and hardware) to a
cute and foxy kitsune look

— Ideas, decorations, and recipes for a full-moon party

— Tales of real-life werewolves, plus lore and legends from around
the world

— Juicy reading material and gems of the silver screen


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Images from: Lovelytocu