Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dandy Fanshawe

Dandy Fanshawe is a character that makes a brief appearance in the newly released steampunk novel, The Half-Made World by Felix Gilman.

That slow drawl was Dandy Fanshaw--the pomaded and silk-coated old Queen of Gibson City, who was so outrageous and self-indulgent that few ever suspected he was a first-class spy or that he had once killed over a dozen Linsesmen with nothing but his ebony swordstick and his own teeth.

It had been Dandy Fanshawe who first recruited Creedmoor into the service of the Gun, back when Creedmoor had been young, and Fanshawe, well, not young, but not so scandalously old as he was now.

They'd met in an opium den in Gibson City, and Fanshawe had been lying on silk cushions wreated in smoke, with his jade-ringed hand idly draped on some young man's thigh. His nails had been painted. He'd been ethereal, mysterious, behind clouds of smoke made nebulous by candlelight.

Darling boy! Fanshawe had said. We've had out eye on you for quite some time...
- chapter 4, page 55

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by Felix Gilman


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