Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mad Men Mini: Agenda

Welcome to my Mad Men Mini-hoopla event!

For your convenience, I wanted to send this Agenda out early for those of you who like to plan ahead...

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FYI: There will be 3-4 posts per day posted between 5am - 12pm PDT.

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Teaser 3: Dreaming Books

Schedule of events:
more details and links will be filled in after posted
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July 28, 2010 Wednesday
Agenda: Schedule
Giveaway: Joan Holloway puppet

July 29, 2010 Thursday
Memo: Mad Men in-a-nutshell
Giveaway: Mad Men and Philosophy edited by Rod Carveth
America in the 60s

July 30, 2010 Friday
Giveaway: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style by Tim Gunn
Book Fashion: The Group by Mary McCarthy
Meet: Kreating Insecurities
Giveaway: Mad Men doll

July 31, 2010 Saturday
Memo: Peggy
Memo: Summer Reading

August 1, 2010 Sunday
Memo: Spiel
Credits: Last chance - Giveaway offers end

August 3, 2010 Tuesday
Announcement: giveaway winners

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Book(s) featured with giveaway:

Mad Men and Philosophy: Nothing Is as It Seems
edited by Rod Carveth - my review
edited by James B. South
Series Editor: William Irwin
prize courtesy of publisher, Wiley
giveaway here

A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style
by Tim Gunn
giveaway here

Other books mentioned:

Searching for the Meaning of Life on a Branded Planet
by James P. Othmer

Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook
by James Stroman

Babylon Revisited and Other Stories
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Best of Everything
by Rona Jaffe

Confessions of an Advertising Man
by David Ogilvy

The Fashion File:
Advice, Tips, and Inspiration
from the Costume Designer of Mad Men
by Janie Bryant

The Feminine Mystique
Betty Friedan

The Group
by Mary McCarthy

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
by Edward Gibbon

Kings of Madison Avenue:
The Unofficial Guide to Mad Men
by Jesse McLean

Mad Men Unbuttoned:
A Romp Through 1960s America
by Natasha Vargas-Cooper

Meditations in an Emergency
by Frank O’Hara


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