Friday, July 9, 2010

SteamBoyz: Passengers

Exciting news!

The Tiny Bubble will accommodate guests for this Jane and Jade excursion.

Society members who were part of the Devonian Express meeting in June have volunteered to join the steampunk expedition.

Lexie and Giada have already boarded the airship and situate themselves inside. Because they feel a bit peckish, they brew some tea and prepare cucumber sandwiches.

Throuthhaze struggles with luggage at McGregor castle. Maybe one or two pieces to take and the rest can be left behind? But they carry many books -- Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, YA Fantasy, and Historical Romance. Some also are newly received from a recent birthday. Eva reassures her that they will be in safekeeping at the castle.

Stella happily swings her bag as she walks across the field in the warm sun towards the launch site. She carries a couple paranormal romance books in her bag because July is Spotlight on Paranormal Romance Month at her site, Ex Libris.

Aly is about to climb the rope ladder to board the Tiny Bubble which sways gently in the wind. She puts an extra pin in her new hat before grasping the ladder.

Sullivan McPig is carried aboard by his owner. His zombie book collection is in a truck that they will be hoisted up by pulley.

If these guest passengers have a moment, they may leave their thoughts in comments.

And if you wish, you may bid them a Bon Voyage in comments.

Perchance, comments may earn +1 entry towards the steampunk challenge.


* image source Vecona

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  1. It's so exciting! Lexie and I have prepared tea and sandwiches for everyone. Join us and let's talk about Steamboyz findings!

  2. Oh, thank HEAVENS. Cucumber sandwiches. My dears, you're too thoughtful. May I?

    How terribly exciting that they've let us come along. Does anyone speak Spanish or its other offshoot languages? I'm afraid I won't be much help once we get to South America.

  3. side note: Professor Eva has set up our Lovelace devices with a translation mechanism. Not too different than the universal translator used on the Star Trek Enterprise.

  4. I'm so excited about this voyage! I can't leave my zombie books unattended ofcourse, but I don't think I'll need them for entertainment.

  5. vvb32: "Not too different than the universal translator used on the Star Trek Enterprise."

    ...or the TARDIS, perhaps? :x

  6. Ah! Giada we have to share the tea and sandwhichs? ::snaps fingers::

    All right all right I'll be nice. (Can't say the same for Noni though, but I think she's busy drooling over some new shirt she wants....)

    Oiy Sullivan I may have to raid your Zombie Book Collection! See if there's anything I don't have :D


  7. Bon Voyage my friends, though please bring a souvenir back for me. I am saddened I am left behind, but someone has to take care of the animals.

  8. Oh yes, thank you Velvet for the true description :-D of course my bag is full of paranormal reads, I'm even distributing to all of you, so if any of you is in want of a good paranormal read just tell me, there's plenty for everyone ;-)

    And yay, can't wait for take off!!


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