Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SteamBoyz: Under the Sea

Incoming transmission...

To: Crew and Passengers of Tiny Bubble
From: Chris, SteamBoyz spectator

Steampunk underwater sighting...

Knights of the Sea
by Paul Marlowe

Description from the amazon:
Beaches. Sunny walks in the country. A touch of romance. What could be more peaceful than a summer holiday in the Maritimes in 1887? A battlefield, maybe? That's what Elliott Graven and Paisley DeLoup think after a few days of bombs, assassination attempts, and political campaigning. And then there was the vegetarianism... When a project hosted by Alexander Graham Bell threatens to provoke an international crisis that could embroil them all in a real war, Elliott and Paisley begin to wish they'd chosen the Great Lakes instead of Baddeck for their holidays. This kind of thing never happened in Kingston... Submarines. Spoons. Werebeasties. It would make for interesting reading in their letters home, at any rate. Though, on second thoughts, best not to. It would only worry their parents.

Fantasy Literature says:
If you enjoy dry wit, Victoriana/steampunk elements, and plucky teenagers saving the world, you'll probably like Knights of the Sea. It's an tale of high adventure that takes a humorous look at... well, pretty much everything, from politics to romance to lycanthropy.


* image source Jasmine Becket-Griffith anglerfish submarine

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