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Mad Men Mini: Memo - Peggy

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SUBJECT: Peggy Olson in-a-nutshell

Because so many of you turned out to be Peggy's (like me) after taking the Mad Men character quiz, I decided to create an in-a-nutshell of her so those of you unfamiliar may know a bit about her.

AND, one of you (like me) was hired as a Secretary at the Mad Men interview quiz.

Except for Sullivan McPig who says...

I wasn't hired!! It's pig discrimination!

Perhaps, Sullivan was meant to be the Boss - President of his own business.


Margaret "Peggy" Olson
played by Elisabeth Moss

Peggy Olson is initially presented as an innocent but determined young woman, eager to be a success in her job at Sterling Cooper after having graduated from a respected secretarial school. She was brought up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York by a strict Roman Catholic family. She has an immense dislike of the double standard in regard to the vices of men and women and appears to be quite feminist in her views. -wikipedia

Season One: Peggy is hired to be Don Draper's Secretary at Sterling Cooper. She learns the ropes from Office Manager, Joan Holloway. But there's more to Peggy than the usual typing and gossiping of a clerical worker. She scores a promotion by the end of the season as Junior Copywriter.

Season Two: Peggy struggles in her new position as Junior Copywriter with office politics and socials. She experiences a traumatic event and takes the advice from Don to "move forward" and that "this" never happened. At the end of this season she has been promoted to Copywriter for the advertising department with her own office.

Season Three: Peggy continues to grow and explore her boundaries as a career gal.

Season Four: Peggy is now a Copywriter for Don's new company, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce located on two floors in the Time Life building.

You know something.
We are all here because of you.
All we want to do is please you.
- Peggy to Don
- season 4, episode 1

This quote sums up Peggy throughout the seasons pretty well. But things are a-changing and I wonder if we'll see this attitude change too.

My hope: Peggy's character grows more - in a good way (no cut-throats or back stabbers, please).

Note: I like the relationship between Don and Peggy. It's like brother/sister and mentor/mentee with tough love.


Excerpt from interview article with Elizabeth Moss by Emma Rosenblum, NY Times:
How do you think Peggy has changed?
She's way more confident, and a little tougher. I feel like Peggy has the most potential for change anyways, because she’s the youngest. Once you get into your 30s and 40’s, you sort of become the person you’ll be. As far as Peggy, she’s still figuring out the woman she’ll be. And so when I got that script, I saw the change, and that she'd grown up a lot, but I wanted to make sure that I was seeing it right. I didn’t want to do something that went too far.

Was it fun to have a lighter story line in the first episode?
Totally. I didn’t even realize it until I saw it at the premiere the second time the other night — it’s very much a comedic episode for me. Sometimes we get so dramatic, so serious, and it was kind of nice to start out on the positive note.

And, of course, your hair. It's so much better.
Ah, yes! When I showed up in that hair and makeup trailer for the test, and decided we were going to sweep my bangs to the side, I swear to God I almost burst into tears. I was so excited. I knew I wasn’t going to get rid of the bangs; I couldn’t hope for that much. But the fact that they were going to be swept to the side and not split down the middle anymore — I can’t even express how happy that made me. Let’s all move on from that and forget it ever happened.

Peggy's clothing is improving slightly, too.
I love, love, love my clothes this season. There are some great outfits and dresses coming up that are so cute. I wore black for the first time this season! It’s nice to look a little bit prettier, and little more fashionable; it’s fun. I don’t know if I’m going to be rocking a Joan dress anytime soon, but who would? -read more of the interview here

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