Monday, July 26, 2010

Feast On Online Fiction: The Sheriff’s Collector

The Sheriff’s Collector
by Prue Batten © 2010

Genre: Fan Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

Inspired by: Guy of Gisborne
Cinderella and
Richard Armitage

Teaser (from part 1 of story):
I began again and resolved to eat my dinner off the floor because surely it would be clean enough. I reversed on my knees to the kitchen door, dragging the cloths and the bucket, swearing under my breath, raising a hand to push falling hair away from a sweaty forehead.

A deep voice spoke. ’You do not answer your street door, Lady?’

I crawled around like an invalid to face my interlocutor. He looked down at me, a tip to the side of a straight mouth, his wild hair lying on his collar, his black tunic and breeches a mark of a greater house than the one in which I currently sat on my haunches.

I stood. My heart beat enough to make the fabric in my shirt tremble, I was sure. ‘Lord?’

‘I have come for the taxes.’

‘But I . . .’


Post 1: in which we are introduced to the Sheriff's Collector

Post 2: in which we meet the laundry maid, Prudence

Post 3: in which we learn a bit about Prudence

Post 4: in which Prudence takes charge... of the household duties

Post 5: in which Prudence calls Sir Guy on his trade

Post 6: in which Prudence meets Mother Superior, Beatrice of Locksley

Post 7: in which we meet a Nightwatchman

Post 8: in which we meet Ysabel

Post 9: in which the journey begins

Post 10: in which Ysabel speaks with Mother Beatrice

Post 11: in which we are taken to the Hall

Post 12: in which he remembers

Post 13: in which we go back to the past and travel through Aquitaine

Post 14: in which Ysabel speaks with Mother Beatrice again

please visit Prue's site for the continuation of this story


My two-bits:

as of 7.26.10: So far, I'm loving the eye candy, althouth there is more to the eye with the main characters.

The swoon factor in this storyline is also a fun one to experience - for those of you who like a good romance.

more thoughts to be added as the story continues


* FOOF - Feast On Online Fiction is a new regular feature I'm adding to my blog where I share online serial fiction created by fellow bloggers some of whom are established authors.

This is my first post for FOOF and each one will be updated with the story links as posted by author.

For this post I've included brief descriptions of each post - a sort of table of contents.

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