Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mad Men Mini: Portfolio

Like most fans, I'd like to know some of the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes goings-on and machinations.

Here's one to dip into...

Kings of Madison Avenue:
The Unofficial Guide to Mad Men
by Jesse McLean

Description from the amazon:
Reveling in the consumerist decadence of AMC’s infamous advertising house Sterling Cooper, this complementary volume to the groundbreaking series Mad Men provides behind-the-scenes revelations, episode guides, cast biographies, and rich sidebar content, including “How to Party Like the Mad Men.”

Delving beneath the glitz and glamour to highlight the workings of a sophisticated modern classic, this definitive fan guide also offers fascinating sociological context and cultural analysis.

The details of historical ad campaigns that are woven into the show’s storylines are provided—such as Volkswagen Beetle’s landmark “Think Small” campaign, the Nixon/Kennedy presidential push, and the creation of Lucky Strike’s “It’s toasted” slogan.


Because I like lists, here's the episode guide (including the first 6 for season 4)

Season 1, 2007
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Ladies Room
Marriage of Figaro
New Amsterdam
Red in the Face
The Hobo Code
Long Weekend
Indian Summer
Nixon vs. Kennedy
The Wheel

Season 2, 2008
For Those Who Think Young
Flight 1
The Benefactor
Three Sundays
The New Girl
The Gold Violin
A Night to Remember
Six Month Leave
The Inheritance
The Jet Set
The Mountain King
Meditations in an Emergency

Season 3, 2009
Out of Town
Love Among the Ruins
My Old Kentucky Home
The Arrangements
The Fog
Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency
Seven Twenty Three
Wee Small Hours
The Color Blue
The Gypsy and the Hobo
The Grown-Ups
Shut the Door. Have a Seat

Season 4, 2010
Public Relations
Christmas Comes But Once a Year
The Good News
The Rejected
The Chrysanthemum and the Sword
Waldorf Stories


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