Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet: Kreating Insecurities

Shana of Kreating Insecurities
Shana's blog
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About Shana:
Hmmmm, what can I say... over all, I am pretty lame. I am 22 years old. I make dolls and other stuffs just to occupy my time. Also, I watch way too many cartoons! I live in the middle of nowhere... welp, that's about it!

At etsy:
Here you will meet the Insecurities, an odd assortment of kids with a number of peculiar hang ups.

All of my dolls are completely, and painfully, hand sewn by me with no help from a sewing machine.

Shana's creations for vvb events:

for Alice in Whatsitland

for Werewolf Weekend

Mummy Maddie
for Mansfield Park Murder Mystery

for SteamBoyz

Penelope Pinion
for SteamPink

for Mad Men Mini-hoopla


* Special thanks to Shana - i loveeeeeee your schtuffff!


  1. We're very happy with Penelope Pinion. Voodoo Bride loves having another girl around.

  2. I love Shana's creations! Her dolls are so beautiful!*-*

  3. I can't wait to see the Mad Men dolly!!!


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