Monday, July 12, 2010

SteamBoyz: New Passenger

The Tiny Bubble finds its passengers attending to different tasks this morning. Jane is studying her maps.

Jade and Giada are speaking quietly in the corner. Jade learns that the meaning of Giada's name in Italian is Jade.

Thouthehaze is looking in the ship's library for a good read.

Aly attends to correspondence. Mayhaps you will receive a postcard from her?

Lexie is preparing for her steampunk presentation later this week.

Stella extends the spyglass to see what she can see out the various portholes. She spots a vessel coming their way.

Excuse me, Jane. There seems to be a small transport ship heading our way. Stella passes the spyglass to Jane.

Indeed. Jane sees the flashing-light signals that indicate a request for permission to board.

Jane releases a mechanical bird to the smaller ship with a standard note for identification and reason for boarding.

The bird returns with the request that Freda of Freda's Voice join our party.

Sullivan McPig speaks up and squeees. I do hope she sings for us. My favorite song is... Mayhaps, Sullivan will tell us in comments.

Permission is granted as we all know that Freda is a member of the Society. She was visiting the Mobile City when she learned that we were in the area and decided to join in our travels.

Jade carries out the necessary logistics of transporting Freda from the smaller vessel onto the Tiny Bubble.

Meanwhile, tell us what is your current favorite song?


* image source mechanical bird Bertram

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