Friday, July 9, 2010

SteamBoyz: Steampunk Challenge

Featured Steampunk Book - your choice (from me)
Steampunk Mini-Goggles Necklace
created and courtesy of JanDa Jewelry

*** Steampunk book & necklace giveaway ***

Join in SteamBoyz week with steampunk post(s) of your own.

Open to all.

Offer ends: July 19, 2010

Challenge post ideas:

Spread the word - let others know about SteamBoyz Week
feel free to use this badge and link to schedule page

Badge on your sidebar counts as a post.

Book, music, film reviews

Book(s) on your wishlist

Fan fiction

Steampunk haiku - you know i like 'em

Pictures of interesting steampunk creations

Pictures of your favorite steampunk clothing and or accessories


TO DO (3-parts):
1. Create a minimum of one steampunk related post. Submit your link in comments along with your email.

2. Visit JanDa Jewelry and tell me one item you like.

3. Read and comment on at least one of Lexie's post entries listed below.


TO DO (3-parts) if you don't have a blog:
1. Visit at least one challenge entry listed below and leave them a comment (on their site). Then tell me who you visited.

2. Visit JanDa Jewelry and tell me one item you like along with your email in comments.

3. Read and comment on at least one of Lexie's post entries listed below.


Lexie's steampunk on Poisoned Rationality:
links active as posts go live during the week

--The music of Abney Park
--Toyz for the Boyz
--Boyz Fashion
--Review of Kenneth Oppel's Airborn

Challenge entries:

be the first, second or third and get +1 for your entry

*-*-* Steampunk Giveaway *-*-*

Celia of Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia is teaming up with me and offering steampunk books for the event!
Thanks Celia!

*-*-* Spreading the Word *-*-*

Announcement: Christa of Words Roll Ever On and On

Announcement: Sullivan McPig of Pearls Cast Before a McPig

Announcement: Aly of Worthy Cogitations (gets +1 for 3rd entry)

Announcement: Alessandra of Out of the Blue (gets +1 for 2nd entry)

Announcement &etc: Freda of Freda's Voice (gets +1 for first entry)

*-*-* Steampunk Art *-*-*

Scott Fischer artwork at
Fishmuffins of Doom

*-*-* Steampunk Lists *-*-*

Movies: Throuthehaze of Throuthehaze Reads

Creations: Aik of Friends and Family

*-*-* Steampunk Haiku *-*-*

Friday Night Haiku Special: Aly of Worthy Cogitations - visit her for the Taya haiku

Night and Day
Swimming in stardust
Constellation night-diving
Gears of a clock turn;

My dreams are clouded
But there are visions of a
Future-past lifetime;

In the daylight hours,
I long to wear my tiny
Hat and watch the skies.


Contest has ended - winner is here


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  1. JanDa has very lovely items! I love the Book of Love Open Book Necklace!

  2. 1. Here is my blog post;

    2. Visited JanDa Jewelry and loved; Steampunk Jewelry - Ring - Russian Charoite Purple.

  3. Not exactly a whole post, but here it is:

  4. And I like the Steampunk Bracelet with the purple agate.

  5. BOOM.

  6. I commented on Freda's post. (Beautiful steampunk accessories *-*).

  7. My post:

    I like the Mini Leather Steampunk Gas Mask Necklace

  8. I posted the sidebar thingy on my blog.
    And I love all those little books, but Voodoo Bride loves the book of Love the most.

  9. Everyone's announcement posts are fantastic. Now I must go make mine (and apparently find an aviatrix hat, pronto!)...

  10. I really like the Book of Love Open Book Necklace. I posted the banner on my sidebar. I love steampunk stuff! :)

  11. I commented at
    Sullivan McPig of Pearls Cast Before a McPig :

    Aly of Worthy Cogitations:

    On JanDA Jewellery , I like the Dangling Silver with Red Agate earrings .


  12. I made a steampunk post! (and it's on my blog sidebar...)

    I commented on the Abney Park music post.

    At JanDa, I love the Tiny Trio leather book necklaces! Given how much I adore books, they're perfect wearable art pieces.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  13. I'm already back! I wrote a post about Scott Fischer, a steampunk artist ( and I commented on Lexie's Abney Park post.

  14. Sidebar post:
    Love Steampunk Earrings - Vintage Pocket Watch Parts - Ornate Etchings at JanDa Jewelry's Etsy. I absolutely LOVED the rings, but I have tiny fingers (not kidding) so they were all too big & I wouldn't be able to buy them. : (
    Commented on Music by Abney Park post. : )

    ambience.of.rain {at}

  15. Commented on The Music by Abney Park post. Man, I had no idea they had bands like that, now I am on the hunt for more!!


  16. I commented on Toyz for the Boyz.


  17. Here's my steampunk-related post:

    I love the Baubles and Beads Earrings Black and Silver Elegance.

  18. I commented on The music of Abney Park.

  19. Some punkish haikus on a Friday night. ;)

  20. i love it!


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