Thursday, July 15, 2010

SteamBoyz: Bit of Steampink

Incoming transmission...

To: Crew and Passengers of Tiny Bubble
From: Professor Eva, McGregor Castle

Steampink sighting...

Stormi of Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! is hosting a July Blog Follower Appreciation Bash

Take this intermission break time to visit vvb's steampink giveaway at Stormi's site if you want to win a copy of Soulless by Gail Carriger or Changeless by Gail Carriger. And while you're there you can check out Stormi's other giveaways.


After you signup for the book, go take Gail's quiz (14 questions) here and in comments tell me...

Are you a Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, or Soulless?

+1 towards any of the steampunk giveaways

let me know which you want it to count for:
-Book & Mini-Goggles Necklace
-Book & Octo Pulley doll
-Book & Card

This is what I turned out to be:
vvb's Result: Ghost
on quiz: Are you a Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, or Soulless?


You like to watch others, and you are careful in what you
say. People often find you turning up where they least expect it, and you
always seem to know more than you should. Sometimes, however, you may feel a
little invisible.

"All that her Herculean effort revealed was a hint of
wispy silver and a vaguely human form: Formerly Merriway. She was a polite
ghost, relatively young and well preserved, and still entirely sane."

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