Saturday, July 17, 2010

SteamBoyz: Airborn

Incoming transmission...

To: Crew and Passengers of Tiny Bubble
From: Noni, Poisoned Rationality

Snippet from review...

Book: Airborn
Series: Airborn Book 1
Author: Kenneth Oppel

As you all know Lexie is the reader of this twosome--I don't have much time (or space) for books and they tend to really just clutter up a berth. However a mate of mine wrote about his adventures aboard the airship Aurora after a fateful encounter with a dying ballonist.

So I thought why not give it a whirl?

Matt is a cabin boy--basically he does everything and anything he's told to by the crew, but more importantly he's what's known in the skies as an 'Airborn'. He's been born, raised and living in the skies since he first came into the world and nothing but the skies make him feel safe. That's something I understand; I'm not an 'Airborn' myself, but I might as well be. Land is just too restive.

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