Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mad Men Mini: Perks - Mad Men Philosophy

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Mad Men and Philosophy:
Nothing Is as It Seems

edited by Rod Carveth
edited by James B. South
Series Editor: William Irwin
book prize courtesy of publisher, Wiley

Description from the amazon:
From the Back Cover

Is Don Draper a good man?

What do Peggy, Betty, and Joan teach us about gender equality?

What are the ethics of advertising—or is that a contradiction in terms?

Is Roger Sterling an existential hero?

We're better people than we were in the sixties, right?

With its swirling cigarette smoke, martini lunches, skinny ties, and tight pencil skirts, Mad Men is unquestionably one of the most stylish, sexy, and irresistible shows on television.

But the series becomes even more absorbing once you dig deeper into its portrayal of the changing social and political mores of 1960s America and explore the philosophical complexities of its key characters and themes.

From Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle to John Kenneth Galbraith, Milton Friedman, and Ayn Rand, Mad Men and Philosophy brings the thinking of some of history's most powerful minds to bear on the world of Don Draper and the Sterling Cooper ad agency.

You'll gain insights into a host of compelling Mad Men questions and issues, including happiness, freedom, authenticity, feminism, Don Draper's identity, and more—and have lots to talk about the next time you find yourself around the water cooler.

Open to all.

Offer ends August 1, 2010

TO DO (3-parts):

1. Take the quiz: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce - Job Interview
Find out if you have what it takes to get hired...

2. Visit Wiley's site and tell me what other philosophy book interests you.

3. Let me know in comments yours answers with your email.

Here's me:

I think Secretary would suit me as I am kinda one already ;-D

And if I could choose, I'd like to be Peggy's secretary.


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