Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SteamBoyz: Octo Pulley

All is quiet on the Tiny Bubble as it makes its descent into the ocean depths.

Each passenger is stationed in front of a window viewing the different sea creatures that pass by.
Lo and Behold!

An Octo Pulley!

According to the Kreating Insecurities book of creatures:

It's not easy being Pulley. He can only be in water for short periods of time. If he is in too long, parts start to decay. Don't worry, his heart rusted long ago. Since then, he has ceased caring.

Shall we try to capture one for you take home? Jane asks.


Very well.

Jade, prepare the net trap.

If you would like to join Jade in capturing the Octo Pulley, then signup below...

*** Steampunk book & creature giveaway ***

Prizes: Octo Pulley created and courtesy of Shana of Kreating Insecurities


by Philip Reeve
(from me)

Open to all.

Offer ends July 19, 2010

TO DO: 8-parts -->for each leg ;-D

alert: email your answers for questions #1-4 to me - so no one can peek
TO: vvb32 at yahoo.com
SUBJECT HEADER: Me Wants Octo Pulley

1. Read Tiny Bubble - Bulla Parvula and tell me:
What is the color of the outer layer of the Tiny Bubble's balloon?

2. Read Tiny Bubble - Submerge and tell me:
How long does it take the Tiny Bubble's silk balloon to be stowed back into its locker?

3. Read the Report: Japan and tell me:
What is the the Ghost Hole?

4. Visit Shana's etsy site and tell me:
Who did Poor Prince Charming kiss?

5. Read and comment on any Steamed! post.

6. Read and comment on Trash to Treasure Art's Steampunk Nautical post.

7. Comment on this post and tell me:
What sea creature would you like to see under the sea?

8. Comment on this post and let me know:
What shall we use as bait to capture the Octo Pulley?


Contest has ended - winner is here


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  1. 7. I confess, I am most intrigued by the alleged 'sea monster' types that are supposed to roam the depths. Prehistoric sized fish and all that. Water dragons. And suchlike. I should like to sketch some if we should come upon them in our underwater leg of the journey.

    8. For bait, let us use a clockwork crab. Octopi consume crabs and sea stars and things like that, so perhaps a tasty morsel will tempt him closer!

  2. I would love to see an anglerfish. They're highly misunderstood creatures - you'd behave like them too if you lived in the dark constantly.

    Also, what about a model of a fishing vessel? He might like being a kraken for a while.

  3. 5. I commented here http://ageofsteam.wordpress.com/2010/06/10/visiting-lolita-o-m-grey-reviews-the-strangely-beautiful-tale-of-miss-percy-parker/#comment-1233

    It's a beautiful blog!

    6. Done!
    7. Water dragons! They are beautiful creatures.
    8. A new heart perhaps?

  4. 7. I'd like to see some starfish. And maybe some octopus, but only if they're psychic ;)

    8. Maybe a tasty snack? Clams, small fish, something like that. I bet he'd like a morsel.

  5. Great undersea creature! LOL. Those octo-pullys are so rarely seen! Thanks for including me :0)))

  6. 1-4 sent email
    5. commented on "What am I Missing?"
    6. commented on "Trash to Treasure Art"
    7. Mermaids!
    8. starfish :)

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  7. Octo pully's - have they been seen???? Please include me.

  8. 5. I commented on In Which Kinekt‏ Shows Off Their Amazing Gear Rings.

    6. I commented on "Nautical Steampunk- Mixed Media Monday".

    7.I would like to see a jellyfish.

    8. You could try fish.


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