Tuesday, October 26, 2010

InJane by Douglas K. Pearson

by Douglas K. Pearson

Published: August 2010
Genre: YA
Paperback: 198 pages
Rating: 3

Description from the amazon:
Most people think I'm crazy because I see things they cannot. But if they saw the blood and the torture, or felt an ounce of the pain I feel, they would know I'm not insane.

No one believes me and that makes me more alone than I feel. To those who meet me for the first time, I'm Jane; once they hear my one-sided conversations and terrified screams, they refer to me as Injane.

Amusing quote:
I Curious Georged it.
- chapter 12, page 48

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): Evil-nado
This was a swirl of sane vs insane, light vs dark, angels vs demons, good vs bad. Much, which is probably why it did not jibe with me as much. But I did read it to the end which is when everything came together.

Zombie sighting:
I walked the zombie shuffle, my internal GPS focused on Abigail's heels.
- chapter 34, page 126

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