Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jane says 'ish

Talk Like Jane Austen Day
go here to learn how
then come back here and
say something Jane-ish to me, please


'ish = an indispensable suffix
“The Miss Maitlands are both prettyish,”
"It was stupidish"


I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible.
-Jane Austen


According to per Jane Austen Centre:
The trappings of Halloween which we now so regularly employ would have been foreign to her, even if their roots lay deep in the English history, of which she was so fond.


We still loves the Jane. And in my virtual halloween party I will dress like Jane Austen for All Hallows' Eve, but more like a paranormal version. I'm thinking of a blood thirsty kind ;-D

According to Take Back Halloween, To dress like Jane Austen, you just need a Regency gown. And a cap—her niece said she always wore a cap. Check out their sample guide.

I plan on spending this evening reading some of this...

Jane Bites Back
by Michael Thomas Ford

vvb's Jane-speak:

Dear Gentle Reader,

I have been in communication with Mr Darcy (the other) who assures me that you shall find at least four and twenty-ish guests at next month's Pemberley Ball gala event.

The guests invited are quite agreeable and amiable. You may be inclined to find some creature who catch's your eye. And you may find yourself scruple as to who to pass your dance card to.

Only think of all the pleasure that will be derived by this most spectacular event.

I have been prodded to impart that the Invitations will be forthcoming on All Saints' Day.

I do hope you will be in attendance.



* Talk like Jane Austen day is in celebration of the 199th anniversary of the publishing of Sense and Sensibility.

* image source Jane

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  1. The Pemberley Ball!!!*_*

    (I have a terrific headache! >_<)

  2. I dare say tea will be a necessity dear.

  3. Dear vvb,

    I thank you, my dear, for divulging this most favourable news to myself. I take enormous delight in your communication with the amiable Mr Darcy and wait most eagerly for an invitation to the Pemberly Ball.

    Essentially, I must travel with my kind father and gentle mother to London which will be in my way and update my wardrobe with gowns of the latest fashion.

    I hope very much to fill my dance card with creatures with fine eyes and who are handsome enough to tempt me. I must own to you that time is against me at my age of five and twenty and must procure a husband most speedily.

    & etc,

    -Okay, that was bad (but very fun). I used loads of modern words and noticed all the uses of 'must'. I also used bits from Pride and Prejudice =)

  4. @Kulsuma - I shall endeavor to procure you the finest of companions for the dances.
    -Lady Vee

  5. I'm much better in Pirate talk or better yet: zombie talk. Let's have a Talk like A Zombie Day!!!!

  6. It is a very fine day to stay inside and read a blog :)

  7. *swoonlove* I've been wanting to read JBB -- can't wait to see your review!

  8. Hahahah yay for Jane Austen Talk day! :)
    This blog is awesom-ish! rotfl!!!

    Whohoo Zombie Talk and Pirate Talk could work too, I so agree with Sullivan McPig!


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