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Aliens: Glory


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by Naomi Clark
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Naomi Clark is the author of SILVER KISS, Book 1 in the Urban Wolf series. In SILVER KISS, werewolf Ayla Hammond returns to her home city with her PI (and human) girlfriend, Shannon Ryan. Homecoming quickly becomes a sticky affair when both are drawn into a missing person's case.

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In ‘Glory’s Scary Story’ Ayla and Shannon join werewolves, Vince, Joel and Glory, one Halloween night…


Midnight. The fire burned low in the hearth. Shannon was half asleep in my lap. We'd all told our Halloween stories except Glory. Cannibalism, ghosts and witches so far, with Vince throwing in a psycho nurse for good measure. But we all knew Glory's story would be the best.

She patted her beehive and smiled at us. “Did I ever tell you how I lost my orange Carvela heels?”

“It was a poker game, wasn't it?” Joel asked. “One seedy night in Vegas, you said.”

“Those were my cerise Louboutins,” she corrected. She sipped her wine and cleared her throat. “But I was in America. Nevada, in fact. I'd been out for a run and was just putting my clothes back on when I saw the UFO. An eerie green light in the sky, getting brighter and closer with every second, lighting up the night. I was horrified, sweeties, obviously. I could not abide being abducted. All that probing.” She shivered theatrically.

“I wanted to run, but I wasn't dressed and I certainly wasn't going to run across the desert in the dead of night half-naked. Not with aliens in pursuit. So I dumped my stuff and hid behind a rock, hoping they'd go find some redneck hick or something. You know, like they do. But the craft landed just a few feet from my rock and these two aliens... Oh!” More exaggerated shivering.

“Little green men?” Shannon yawned.

“Little red men,” Glory corrected haughtily. “And the first thing the little monsters did? They started poking through my clothes! With their creepy long fingers and their weird little mouths, just pawing at my clothes.” She clutched her hands to her chest. “Diesel jeans, people! Covered in sticky alien fingerprints!”

“What did you do?” Vince asked, toasting a marshmallow in the fire embers.

“Well, I wasn't going to let them ruin my jeans! I leapt out and grabbed my clothes and started running like holy hell.”

“Did they follow?” I asked. The image in my head was somewhere between slapstick and tragedy.

“God, yes. And let me tell you, Ayla, aliens are fast as any wolf. They were gaining on me, making this awful high-pitched noise. Probably trying to hypnotize me, but I wasn't stopping for anything, sweeties. And then one grabbed my shoulder.”

Glory paused to snatch a marshmallow, leaving us all in suspense for a few long seconds.

“What did you do?” Joel asked.

“I swung my Carvela heels in the ugly freak's face! Spike heels are a girl's best friend, let me tell you. I caught the alien right in his big, freaky eye. Little creep just keeled over. Eyes are the alien's weak spots, obviously. I battered them both with the shoes and got my ass out of there.”

“And the shoes?” Vince prompted.

Glory wiped an imaginary tear from her eye. “Probably a souvenir on an alien's mantelpiece now, darling. Such a waste. They clashed horribly with the alien.”


Glory's Scary Story
Alien post created for October Trix-n-Treatz by Naomi Clark
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A former army brat, Naomi Clark is now happily settled in Cambridge. She has been writing stories ever since she learned to write. A lifelong fascination with dragons, monsters, magic and ghosts eventually led her to urban fantasy.

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~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by Naomi Clark
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

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