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Ghosts: Sadako


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Sadako Yamamura

My pick this week is the scariest girl ghost I've come across both in a book and in film.

Unlike ghosts that stay in the TV like in Poltergeist, this ghost comes out of it! Eek!

Sadako Yamamura: The book's unseen antagonist who vanished thirty years ago; also the person behind the incident of the cursed tape. She was, in fact, a hermaphrodite with special powers similar to ESP. Due to, and despite her hermaphrodism, she was said to be extremely beautiful.

Apart from the way she looks, the mystery behind her story is what is so creepy. The flashbacks and story reveal draws you in.

This Japanese ghostie gal can be found here...

by Koji Suzuki - my review

Description from the amazon:
The novel, which tells the story of a journalist investigating the apparently simultaneous deaths of four teenagers, begins as a traditional mystery. But it glides smoothly into horror when the journalist discovers that all four victims watched a videotape that guaranteed their deaths in one week if they did not do a certain thing (details are missing from the tape).

If the journalist can't figure out what happened, he, too, the tape prophesizes, is doomed. Told with a minimum of horror cliches, the novel creates a sense of slowly mounting dread, as though something unpleasant is inevitable, and we are powerless to stop it.

Ring Trilogy:

Per Wikipedia, Ring can also be found in these formats:

Japanese version (1998): Ringu
South Korean version (1999): The Ring Virus
American version (2002): The Ring


The Ring in 30 seconds
re-enacted by bunnies


* image source from Ring 2002 film, Poltergeist TV

* source for Sadako description

* for Misty's event...

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  1. I totally need to read the book. Sounds so much scarier than the movie - and plus, it's by a Japanese author! Yay!

  2. Now this sounds like my kind of scary!

  3. Wow! I had no idea there was a novel behind the movie (which thoroughly creeped me out!)Thanks for the heads up on the trilogy, I'm going to go and read your review.

    *That Sadako is one horror character I would NOT wish to connect to! :O brrrrr

  4. eekk!!*nightmares* that movie scared the shizz out of me. nope i'm not going to read that book.Oh no lol

  5. I haven't read the book and like Faye I don't think I will! XD

  6. I love the Japanese horror films, I didn't know there was a book behind the ring. I wonder if it is as intense as the original verson of the movie.

  7. +JMJ+

    This is one of the scariest Horror movies I've ever seen, but I hadn't known there was a novel, either! Great pick! There's something about such relentlessly powerful revenge that damns everything in its path . . .

  8. YES! My god, this was just creepy. I mean, now, it's sort of run of the mill to have a character move in that disjointed way, but when this came out, it was so unsettling to see something move like that and essentially be faceless.

  9. I've only seen parts of this movie, but that was enough for me. Scared the crap out of me! I also didn't realize there was a book, but I'll be taking a pass on it. You're much braver than I am!


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