Friday, October 29, 2010

Alice meets Aliens


It was Alice's turn to tell her tale of aliens.

Just then a bright green light beamed directly overhead.

Alice found herself floating up.




Up over Wereland.

The wereCreatures below waved good-byes and blew smooches.

Ah, just as well. For Alice really had no alien tale to tell.

Instead, she was going to relay a fantastical tale on the high seas which she had heard from her good friend, Mr Lewis.

Alice was slowly being drawn up into a spaceship.

A spaceship that was shaped like a saucer.

A saucer that looked quite like it was from her Aunt Bucket's (pronounced bouquet) favorite Doulton china set.

Alas, this ends Alice's adventure in Wereland.

If you are inclined, you can join her again when she finds herself in Wholand.

Now, off you go...

ski.diddle - ski.daddle


* image source of Alice and Lewis from the Strangeling

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