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Alice meets WereDragon


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by Joyce and Jim Lavene
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Lady Alice swung her sword, chopping through the first line of zombies that had surrounded Renaissance Faire Village. The moonlight glinted silver on her blood-stained blade. She moved with ease and deftness – never flinching from the grizzly task. She knew if she didn’t reach the inner square before midnight, the village would be lost.

Beside her fought an eight foot werewolf, recently chained - part of the chain still swung from his neck. He was savage – unstoppable – yet even he appeared to be tiring.

“We need a miracle,” she said during a lull in the battle. Her partner snarled but didn’t reply. The transformation process from the burly man who was the sword maker in the village was too intense to go through for the sake of mere conversation.

The assault on the village had begun at moonrise. Zombies had been ensorcelled to attack the residents who lived here. At midnight, that same sorcery would carry the village into a black dimension from which there was no escape. Lady Alice could think of nothing worse.

A group of vampires were somewhere inside the village, fighting for their lives too, no doubt. She cleaned her sword, looked at her companion licking the blood from his fur, and got ready for the next onslaught. She hated fighting zombies. They had no finesse, no skill to match hers against. Better to pit her against demons that could at least make polite conversation while trying to kill her.

The moonlight fluttered, making her look toward the skies. A dragon, one of the biggest she’d ever seen, was swooping close to her. Was he friend or foe? So far, the enchantment had taken only the lowest of the undead – the brainless creatures – but it was always possible it could spread.

The dragon’s scales gleamed in the moonlight. The pale green/blue looked like sunlight on the ocean. The creature was so large that it blocked out the oncoming pack of zombies behind it. Luminescence gleamed at its mouth. Lady Alice knew what that meant and shielded herself from the fiery spew as the dragon released its fury on the zombies.

Ah, fire, she thought. Better than a blade for zombies since there was nothing left to clean up. Of course, there was the acrid smell of burning flesh and hair. The dragon seemed to answer her question about whose side it was on.

Even as she let down her guard for a moment, the dragon made its transformation into a man. He was naked, of course, as was usually the case with were-dragons.

“Greetings, Lady Alice.”

He bowed to her with no notion of awkwardness about his naked, muscular body that was still tinged with green luminescence.

“I have news from the castle.”

“How goes the battle then, dragon?” she asked.

“The vampire line has held. The king and queen are safe. Except for a few pesky zombies, the battle is won – in our favor. The king hails your brilliant strategy.”

“Good news, Sir Dragon!”

“The werewolves will slay what remains,” he said. “Let’s go home. It’s been a long night.”

Lady Alice sheathed her blade.

“I hope the visitors enjoyed the battle. I think I sprained my wrist. Those were some damn big zombies! And they just kept coming.”

The man transformed back into the dragon.

“All in a night’s work at Renaissance Village and Marketplace,” he replied. “I promise to lick your every wound, my lady. You should be fine by morning.”

She sighed.

“A bath first, I think, my sweet dragon prince.”

She climbed on his back. He was exceedingly warm to the touch as she straddled him. His heat was a balm to her sore muscles.

“And tomorrow, I am going shopping for a new outfit. Maybe a new blade as well. I can only be expected to perform at my best properly garbed and weaponed.”

“Your wish, as they say, is my command, my lady love. Tomorrow is another day – another battle for the glory of Renaissance Village. “

“Ghouls tomorrow night, right?”

“I haven’t seen the new schedule yet.” He rose on huge wings that beat mightily at the cool night air. “To the east!”


Alice in Renaissance Were-Land
Were post created for October Trix-n-Treatz by Joyce and Jim Lavene
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~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by Joyce and Jim Lavene
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

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