Friday, October 22, 2010

Alice meets Sheila's Pack



In a state of scombussolato from an unexpected kiss, Alice has fainted.

She wakes to find herself alone and decides to escape Ches and his amorous ways to continue her adventure in this new world called Wereland.

As you may have guessed it is of the paranormal sort. Unlike Whatsitland which was of the steampunk variety.


What was that sound?

Instead of running away, Alice ventures forward.


She has come upon a dark part of the woods.


tippity.toe - tippity.tee

what will we see?


A girl sits amongst a pack of wolves speaking in hushed and hurried tones.

They all turn to look at Alice in a friendly, non-threatening manner.

One by one, each wolf shifts into human form.

The girl shifts into a red-tailed hawk and flies away.

They are all young women.

Greetings, little one.

Come, sit by our fire
says the tallest and oldest of the group.

We have heard of your recent arrival in our beloved Wereland from her.

* points to the dot in the sky *

She is the WereBird, Carmina. You must excuse Carmina. She was just called to return to the castle of our WereQueen.

I am Sheila, leader of this werewolf pack.

This is my daughter, Sharina.

And there is Laila sitting next to Cinder.

Our newest addition is Sophie whom we met at the Masked Ball in Veniche in May.

The WereQueen is distraught at the moment. Otherwise, we would take you to her and she would lavish you with fine food and pleasures to delight.

You see, the WereKing is in the clutches of the evil, menace that is Sir Kann. In which land the WereKing is being held captive we do not know.

The WereQueen has given us a mission to find the WereKing within our realm of four lands.

We have returned from Whatsitland and did not find a trace of him. Kin there is now on alert.

We know Sir Kann would not even think to step into Wonderland because the Queen of Hearts would have his head in an instant. -sidenote: they've got a history -ahem

The next place we journey to is Wholand.

You are welcome to walk with us through Wereland awhile.


tippity.tee - tippity.too

what shall Alice do?


* scombussolato = the Italian version of discombobulated per Giada

* image source from the Strangeling

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* based on characters created during Werewolf Weekend last April.

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