Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wereland: Creatures

w e r e p i g

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Most were's in Wereland are friendly... despite appearances ;-D

I'll introduce you to some here, but I'm not saying who's naughty or nice...

w e r e c a t
by Rachel Vincent

w e r e d r a g o n
The Silver Moon Elm
by MaryJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi

w e r e o w l
created by Emily Carding

w e r e p a n t h e r
The Panther's Lair
by Esmerelda Bishop

w e r e r a b b i t
Wallace and Gromit Monstrously Scary Joke Book:
Curse of the Were-rabbit
by Penny Worms

w e r e r a v e n
Appeared earlier this month here.

w e r e t i g e r
Mortal Seductions
by Allyson James

B E W A R E...

You will stumble upon other weres during Alice's trip through Wereland.


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