Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wereland: Creatures

w e r e p i g

Go to On Blog Talk Radio meet the Funky Werepig for an hour of indepth interviews, classic stories and comical conversation you won't find anywhere but there. From names like Lansdale, McCammon, Keene and Straub to the hottest upcoming writers, is there any other place a horrorist would rather be? So come pet the Werepig. We dare ya...

Most were's in Wereland are friendly... despite appearances ;-D

I'll introduce you to some here, but I'm not saying who's naughty or nice...

w e r e c a t
by Rachel Vincent

w e r e d r a g o n
The Silver Moon Elm
by MaryJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi

w e r e o w l
created by Emily Carding

w e r e p a n t h e r
The Panther's Lair
by Esmerelda Bishop

w e r e r a b b i t
Wallace and Gromit Monstrously Scary Joke Book:
Curse of the Were-rabbit
by Penny Worms

w e r e r a v e n
Appeared earlier this month here.

w e r e t i g e r
Mortal Seductions
by Allyson James

B E W A R E...

You will stumble upon other weres during Alice's trip through Wereland.


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  1. brrrrrrrr ... that WerePig is freaky!!!

    Speaking of frightning pigs - you would love to read House on the Borderland!!! Cannibal swine that walk upright, I'm tellin' ya :O

  2. How much do I love Wallace & Gromit?! THIS MUCH.

    Also, v unrelated, and yet, I can't stop myself... just caught sight of the Talk Like Jane Austen Day icon in your side bar -- my love for you has grown! ;)

  3. ironically, the werepig and the wererabbit are more scary than the weretiger and werepanther.

  4. Cannibal swine that walk upright?! I so must read that!!

    And werepigs are cool!

  5. The werepig is definitely disturbing.

  6. I honestly never thought about a werepig before.

  7. lmao!
    I think I might have giggled senseless at the mention of "wererabbit"!!!

  8. I wouldn't want to meet the werepig in a dark room.

  9. I love the different weres.

    jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

  10. Tear My Heart is set in 60s world of pop music. It has love, intrigue, abuse, blackmail and tells you about the town that said no to the Beatles!


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