Monday, October 11, 2010

Mish Mosh: Haunted House

M I S H - M O S H

It's starting to get dark and the cold night air is creeping around you.

You look down at the invitation to check the address.

There is a house to the right and one to the left.

hmmm, which is Dr. Viiiii's?

Let's try right.

You walk up the path to the dark, dark, dark house.

When you get to the front door you search for a doorbell.

None to be found. However, a gong and mallet hang nearby.

Go ahead.

Give it a gong.

You know you want to.

Gong sound bite

After gonging once, twice, maybe thrice...

The door opens to a beautiful but rather pale looking young lady.

Yvegeny, a guest.

A tall dark handsome man suddenly appears.

With sparkly white teeth and a flash of...


was that a fang?

Come in.

Come in, dear guest.

Would you like refreshment?

He holds a decanter of red liquid.

Tomato juice?

Perhaps water, Papa.

Papa? Did she just say...

He looks as young as her.

They speak in lowered voices.

Perhaps we shall have them for refreshments?

Yvgengy chuckles.

The subtlety is not lost on you.

What do you do?

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2. In comments, tell me what you would do or say in this scene.


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* image source vampire house, Ms V from Vampire Week based on artwork by Lori Earley

* source gong

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  1. I would offer them a taste - and hope that is enough to keep them satisfied (at my bravery) and me alive in order to leave as soon as an opportunity arrives -


  2. I'd show them no one insults a McPig by using him as a refreshment and stake their sorry asses!

  3. I offer to make them a Bloody Mary.
    My friend Mary isn't thrilled.

  4. I would tell them I was an AIDS sufferer working at their local blood bank and ask them to sign up to donate blood every two months.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  5. Well, might as well jump both feet first, and just give them my neck. Maybe they will not like the smell of my diabetic blood and leave me alone.

  6. Playfully laugh and tell them I'm a door to door bible, cross, and holy water saleswoman and offer to show them my selection.

    giveawaymommy at

  7. I would say, no thinks I am not thirsty, I would prefer a steak (stake).

  8. I would say I can't drink because I am ill because of all the garlic pills my doctor has me taking and make a quick exit :)


  9. Hmmm ... I think I'd pull an old Saturday Night Live routine on 'em.
    I'd yell "LAND SHARK" then haul butt outta there lol

  10. I think that I would say no thanks and leave as quickly as possible.

  11. Forgot e-mail.

  12. I would run ...they've alredy scared me to death ...Dr. Viiiii's not living there!!

  13. i would ask them if I could use the ladies room and once there, i would frantically look for an escape route, hopefully through those ventilation things like in all good movies.

  14. Rotfl!!
    OMG creepy!!
    Have them a refreshments? Seriously? To my face?
    I think I would be equal parts terrified and ouraged!!

    My comment would probably be something like:
    "You should know I gargle with Vervain, SUCKERS!" lol
    -> And then run for the nearest exit! lol


  15. Well, I would tell them that I know someone in Romania that won't be very happy if they feast with my blood.


  16. I would glance at my watch and say: "Wow! Look at the time! Gotta run!"
    And then I would run like hell.

  17. I turn around run and try the next house, or just get in my car and go home.
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

  18. id smile and say sure how about i pour you one then smile politly

    i sigend the guetsbook already

  19. Honest, I'd politely say "I think I have the wrong house" and turn and get away from there as fast as possible.

    jlynettes @ hotmail . com

  20. um... even though I love vamps and I'm fascinated by them, that scenario would scare the crap outta me! lol I'd run like hell, probably screaming like a sissy the entire time. :P

  21. I am a hot-blooded fellow, so you better wait until next winter...

  22. "What's that behind you?"
    And then I'd run like never before!

  23. offer a few enemies' names in my place who are much tastier than me.....and go down fighting if that doesn't work!

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com


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