Monday, October 18, 2010

Ghosts: Dr Viiiii


Finally, you've reached the top of the stairs. Whew!

I think we've reached Dr Viiiii's laboratory, from the the sounds coming from behind this door...


* puts down bubbling beaker full of orange goo *

Dear Guests...

* removes googly-goggles and black leather gloves *

A thousand pardons.

I have been amiss in my duties as host.

But you see, I was just recently visited from an entity.

* twirls the tip of his right-side handlebar mustache *

For you know some guests in this house are not of this world.

* twirls the tip of his left-side handlebar mustache *

This entity spoke to me and imparted and most wondrous idea.

* twirls the both tips of his handlebar mustache *

I have been hard at work and have just now completed my first anti-comet pill.

* twirls the tip of his handlebar mustache and pauses midway *

Dr Viiiii approaches you with a glint in his eye. Could be mischievous. Could be evil.

Would you like to try one?

Dr Viiiii steps closer to you.

You back away slowly.

This is guaranteed to protect you from harm from any oncoming comets destined for Earth.

You back away more.

Oh dear, I must advise you not to stand too close to that mirror...

But, his words fail to reach your ears as you are being sucked into a black abyss that is the mirror...


* image source mirror

* sound source oooze

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Images from: Lovelytocu