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Ghosts, Angels, and Aliens…Oh My!


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by Lori Brighton
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“It’s out here.” Cristian paused, his gaze focused on the dark trees ahead. “I can feel something with a higher energy field than humans.”

Ashley ducked under a branch, following Cristian’s broad back into the forest. His Scottish accent was warm and welcome in the chill night. “But we sent all the spirits to the other side.” At least the spirits in her home, but she supposed they hadn’t checked the woods behind her pub. Had some nefarious spirit escaped Cristian’s sword?

Cristian glanced back, those gray eyes like pewter under the light of the moon. Eyes that still made her heart melt. He grinned, that sexy grin, his white teeth flashing in the darkness. “I didn’t say it was a spirit.”

Oh God, that couldn’t be good. Considering their town was made up of werewolves, fairies, vampires and even witches…the thing they were sensing could be any type of supernatural being. The question remained, was it friend or foe?

“I’m coming!” Camile called out from behind them.

Speaking of witches…

Ashley turned just in time to see her friend trip on a fallen branch and tumble to the ground. The satchel of herbs and potions she’d raced back to the house for flew through the air. Ashley caught the bag, stumbling as it was heavier than she’d thought it would be. She didn’t blame Camile for wanting to be prepared for anything, after all that had happened to them. Vampires trying to drink their blood. A werewolf intent on making them his little plaything.

“There, ahead,” Cristian said softly.

Camile stumbled to her feet. Ashley spun around. Brilliant blue lights suddenly pierced the darkness, highlighting the woods in an eerie glow. Ashley blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the sudden brightness. Behind that glow was the distinct shape of something large… She inched closer. Something large, round, metallic.

Her heart slammed wildly in her chest. “What kind of a supernatural being would produce light like that?”

Cristian frowned, the harsh angles of his face fierce under the light. “Not a being. A ship. A spaceship.”

Ashley sucked in a sharp breath. “Aliens? Are you joking?” She’d always considered her life one bad horror movie, but it had suddenly taken a turn for the Sci-fi channel.

Cristian didn’t seem concerned. But then again, he’d fought demons, vampires and ghosts for a living. “Of course, humans are ridiculous to think they’re the only ones in this universe.”

Ashley’s shock gave way to momentary irritation. She shoved her elbow into his gut, then handed Camile her satchel. “You’re human too, need I remind you.” He might have been immortal at one time, but not anymore. He could die just as well as any of them and considering the size of that ship, they should all be fearful for their lives.

The branches rustled. Cristian shoved Ashley behind his back, always the protector. He couldn’t help himself, he was a former Angel after all. But she wasn’t about to be pushed aside and leave him to protect them like they were some helpless little girls.

The branches parted. Ashley froze, expecting to see something small and gray, or the very least, green. She didn’t expect a man in tight black pants and a white t-shirt. He stood completely still as he studied them, his shoulders broad, his body muscled. His dark hair was tousled around a perfectly angular face. No, she hadn’t expected someone who looked like Keanu Reeves from The Day The Earth Stood Still. Hell, if this was what all Aliens looked like, they could abduct her anytime.

Cristian held his arm parallel to the ground. “Sword.”

Apparently, Cristian wasn’t as impressed with this Alien’s good looks as she. His gold and silver sword appeared in hand. He was preparing to do battle, which meant she must too. Ashley scooped up a tree branch, knowing what a pathetic weapon it would be, but needing something all the same.

The Alien stepped closer, branches snapping under the weight of his booted foot. “There is no need for weapons. We come in peace.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that before,” Ashley muttered.

His gaze pierced hers, his face stoic, unreadable. “My CoCaptain is ill. I require assistance from your witch friend.” His gaze slid to Camile.

Camile stiffened, no doubt surprised by his sudden attention. “How’d you know I was a witch?”

“We found you on Facebook. My friend request is awaiting your approval.”

“Facebook?” Ashley jerked her head toward her friend.

Camile shrugged. “What? Everyone’s doing it.” Ignoring Ashley, Camile dared to step closer to the Alien. “What’s wrong with your CoCaptain?”

“He has picked up a human disease.”

“Well, I guess I can give you some Dragon’s Blood.” She reached into her sack and pulled out a glass vial, handing it to the Alien. “It’s a common cure for almost everything.”

He nodded once, a stiff, no-nonsense movement. “We appreciate your help.” He turned and started toward his ship, the vial in hand. “When we take over your world, we shall spare your lives.” Without another word, he stepped into the metallic UFO. The door closed and with a blast of air, the oval ship hovered upward, disappearing into the sky. Silence settled in the forest, darkness surrounding them.

“Did he just…” Camile couldn’t seem to go on.

“Say they were taking over the world?” Cristian drawled. “Aye.”

“Fanfreakingtastic,” Ashley whispered.


Ghosts, Angels, and Aliens…Oh My!
Alien post created for October Trix-n-Treatz with characters from Ghost Hunter by Lori Brighton
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~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by Lori Brighton
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

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