Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carnivale: Things You Think


The AMAZING Acrobatic Mermaids have just finished their show.

What a sight that was.

And now sit back and groove out to this ditty...

Things You Think
Music by Ben Folds
Lyrics by Nick Hornby
Performed with Pomplamoose

Excerpt from song:
Nick Hornby: Did you know the Dickens invented 13,000 characters. 13,000 Characters. That’s a character a day for the whole of his working life. What have I done today. Dropped the kids off at school. Listened to the new National Album, played a stupid game on my computer. That’s why I’m Dickens! Kids! Dickens’ wife would of done the school run. I’m all for families but its costing me my one shot of immortality.

Complete lyrics here.


As you proceed to walk in the carnival crowd, this fella comes up to you...

Have you seen my stilts?


* first spotted this gem at Mesmered's Blog

* image source mermaids from the Strangeling

* image source salamander

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  1. The AMAZING Acrobatic Mermaids
    Ahahahahahaha, *laughing forever*

    13.000 characters? Dude that's insane!!!
    What inspiration did he have, I mean seriously!
    I struggle to juggle 5 characters! lol

    LAst timeI saw a man on stilts was at the opening of a department store for kids XD

  2. A zombie took the stilts! Well..someone who looked like one...

  3. I can't decide if that song was inspiring or depressing. . .

  4. ... 13 THOUSAND characters!!!! I'm with Brizmus, not sure if I'm inspired or depressed lol

    I have read where many of C.D.'s characters came to him in dreams, tho. I've often thought that - especially in our current *fast-food* modern lives - most of us are so constantly focused at external tasks/input that we're left with too little time/energy to allow our incredible subconscious mind its natural creative expression.

    Hopefully, there's a little Charles Dickens waiting inside all of us ;D

    ps - that Salamander is AWESOME Viii!!!


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